Mr and Mrs Mogale. Picture: Twitter
“Ladies we need to start paying attention to those DMs.. this ‘we met through Facebook’ issue is serious,”tweeted Lebo Lesabane‏, referring to last night’s episode of Our Perfect Wedding.

After meeting on social media, Thembi Msiza taught Lebogang Mogale how to ride a bike and now, they had their perfect vintage-themed wedding.

Thembi Msiza and Lebogang Mogale met on Facebook and became friends. Although he couldn’t even ride at the time, Lebogang’s passion for bikes scored him a beauty from Mpumalanga. 

Thembi said she used to ignore Lebogang’s messages cause she doesn’t like to reply to people’s DMs (Direct Messages) on social media. “Tebogo wanted to be a biker. He used to inbox me and I ignored him,” said Thembi.

The only time Thembi took Lebogang seriously was when he told her he was ready to buy a bike. “I then started to enquire more about where he’s from.” The pair decided to meet up and, Thembi said: “I was scared to meet up with a stranger so I took my whole family with.”
“He couldn't ride,” she said. “He has never been on a bike before so we had to become friends so that he could learn how to ride. He’s a fast learner.”

Lebogang ecstatically said: “I learnt to ride a bike in two hours.”

Thembi insists that although she was single at the time, she was not really into Lebogang.

Lebogang said: “She asked me to find her a boyfriend and I said ‘I’m available, why not give it a try?’

The bike fanatics hit it off immediately after Thembi decided to give the relationship a chance. Six months later, lobola negotiations were already taking place and the couple was ready to say their “ I dos.”

The vintage theme was well executed: the decor was on point with a dirty pink colour theme, glass tables, phoenix chairs ( the decor lady insists they are the latest trends instead of Tiffany chairs) and the four tier suitcase wedding cake.

The bridesmaids were all gorgeous in dirty pink dress with lace bodice and in what looked like Christian Louboutin signature red sole shoes.

The groomsmen also looked dapper in their dirty pink jackets, matching the groom’s waistcoat and royal blue pants.

At the reception, the bridal party dazzled with fascinators and gloves from the 70s and Sophiatown dance and music.

And not forgetting the bikers:

As for the minister's questions to the bride and groom, they were a bit awkward. Despite his good intentions maybe, tweeps had mixed reactions towards the ‘awkward question’ which was especially posed to Thembi: “will you choose your husband or your mother?”

The question was along the lines of: if they were stuck on a boat, who would they thrown into the sea and who would they save?.

Sadly the bride’s mother, Elizabeth Msiza passed away  shortly after the wedding.