Thandiwe Mzukwa aged 41 and Mfanafuthi Ngobese 45 both from Katlehong believe that love triumphs over everything.

They met many years back when Mfanafuthi saw Thandiwe while she was sweeping outside the house, and was immediately love-struck.

After much persuasion, he ultimately got her to agree to date, but their love was put to the test when they broke up for 4 years.

“We had a 4 year long break up. We just both had our own issues,” says Thandiwe. Mfanafuthi quickly realised that his true love was with the women he fell in love with many years back.

“Women that I met after the break up seemed to get me into more trouble than helping me out. I then realised that I have to fix my life and that’s when I decided to quit drinking alcohol. I was confident enough to get Thandiwe back,” she commented.

The groom did not waste time after securing her back in his life, he quickly proposed, even though they were still picking up the pieces from their break up.

Now - three children later- they finally said the big 'I Do' with the entire world as witnesses of their love.

“We wanted OPW at our wedding to show that love conquers everything. Even those who thought we wouldn’t go anywhere must know that we’ve only just started on this journey together. We’ll continue it together,” they said.

On the very important wish list, the couple desired excellence on the bride’s dress, their traditional attire, the makeup and the cake. Her Zulu attire was specially designed to indicate that her lobola has been paid in full, to which the bride was extremely pleased with it.

The bridesmaids wore gorgeous cream dresses.

When Thandiwe tried on her white gown, she bacame emotional. “When I have the dress on, I don’t feel okay. Not that I am unhappy about being married. I just wish that my father was still alive to see me get married”, said the bride in tears.

In no time, the entire room was in tears including Jessica. The grandmother was also emotional at the thought of being left alone.

Fast forward to the big day, the wedding day excitement was on another level with a lot of ululating and singing. Even Jessica was lost for words at the amount of noise one household could make.

The grandmother was in high spirits now, expressing how excited she is to give away her daughter to her new family.

“I need to give my daughter away to her new family so I can rest. I am very happy,” said ugogo.

The suit colour scheme was navy blue and white and the groom wore a white blazer and brown shoes, just to be different.

The matrimonial was hosted outside at a venue, with a very simple setting.

“When Thandiwe was approaching, it was difficult not to turn back and look at her. I was trembling, I was afraid,” said the groom.

They got to say their own unique vows.

“As he was saying these vows, I even wanted to cry. We’ve been through tough times together,” making his vows very special said Thandiwe.

The kiss seems to be the most exciting time for everyone, judging by the reaction of the attendees.

“I hid us as we were kissing because our children are old and we can’t kiss in front of them,” said the groom.

The reception area was decorated in a classic gold and white, staged outside the bride’s house.

“We wanted to show the entire neighbourhood that we are official now. Woman mustn’t look at him nor must he look at them. He must remember he has a wife at home.

The bride disappeared for a while because she had a second white dress under her sleeves to surprise the hubby with.

Unfortunately Thandiwe didn’t get to wear her traditional attire due to strict instructions that she was to be helped into it by gog’Mkhize, the dressmaker. But when they had to change to the traditional, she called Gog’Mkhize who didn’t answer her phone. Luckily for her, she had a spare dress sewn for her for the after party which she wore.

Highlights of the day were her white dresses. “My two dresses were just amazing. I am happy.”

The pleased groom saw nothing wrong with their day. “What important I that we are one now.”