Thandazani and Snegugu on their wedding day.

South African’s all over were once again invited to witness yet another wedding - that of Thandazani Ndlela and Snegugu Zungu.

They first met at Spar, during Thandazani’s lunch break.

Six men in the car were struck by her beauty, but no one had the guts to approach her. A bet was set at R100 for whoever could get her number, and Thandazani was not AT ALL confident that he would be the lucky one.

Meanwhile, Snegugu was in prayers for a while, asking God for the right man. The bet and prayers led to the ultimate hook up for this perfect couple.

Preparations that led to the big day went flawlessly. It seems like the couple knew their story.


Wedding day!!!


The bride looked absolutely gorgeous in her perfectly fitted, mermaid-style dress and the groom wore a powder blue three-piece suit, decorated with flowers and a pink bow-tie.

The wedding was hosted at an outside venue, which gave a fresh and natural feel to the ceremony.

The four bridesmaids wore peach-length vintage-style dresses with flattering lace on the bodice, with gorgeous matching shoes. The groomsmen, on the other hand, wore grey suits, peach waistcoats and white shirts - way different from the powder blue suit worn by the groom. Confusing much?

Anyway, Thandazani was moved to tears at the sight of his bride. He was reminded of the lengthy journey they had to endure from 2009 to now. Snegugu was also in tears when saying her vows.

Thandazani’s ring was placed on the right hand instead of the left, which left everyone surprised.

“I didn’t realise that she put the ring on the wrong finger because of the overflowing excitement. I was just happy that she was ultimately mine,” said.

The couple did not kiss, as per their church rules. They were just introduced as husband and wife, and that was it - a big disappointment for those waiting for the big smooch.

Viewers had a good chuckle when the groom named Trevor Noah as South Africa’s finance minister.

People should forgive him... as I think he meant Trevor Manuel. But even there, he is still in grave error as Mr Manuel left office a while ago!

New host, Jessica Nkosi, looked amazing in a royal blue jumpsuit with a white flower on the front.

She seems to be getting the hang of this presenting thing, in just her second week on the OPW screen.

The decor looked flawless, with much white with a touch of pink on the tables and a big blue bow on the draping for the bride and groom’s table. Why would anyone leave out the red carpet, right?

Oh, and the food looked appetising!

All in all, the couple enjoyed a beautiful day.