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I guess the saying “what's meant to be will be”, is true after for last’s night’s couple on Mzansi Magic’s Our Perfect Wedding.

Adolphina fell pregnant in 2002, but unfortunately that was also the last time she saw the baby’s father Hendrick.

“I was running away from my responsibility,” admitted Hendrick.

He revealed that he spent about four years away from home, afraid of what his parents would say. “My mother was very strict”, he added.

Adolphina confessed that her parents didn't even visit Hendrick’s family to report the pregnancy as is normally done according to African tradition.

And then, many years later, Adolphina made contact with her long-lost lover Henrick who unashamedly admitted to knowing about the baby. The daughter is about 13 or 14 years old now.

Nevertheless, they reunited.

Following their reunion, Hendrick said he didn’t want to waste any more time. He proposed and lobola process was underway.

The bride’s mother said that is was because Hendrick “showed respect and humbled” himself, that the family accepted the relationship.

Nomsa commended the bride for enduring 10 years of Hendrick’s absence in her and the baby’s life, adding that patience was a virtue.

Over a decade in the making, the Lelaka’s wedding was by far one of the best this season. Elegance was the order of the day, from the sweet pink theme to the phoenix chairs, glass tables and the centre pieces. The decor was definitely on point.

The cinderella bride's gown, the bride's maids dresses, food and cake – all the elements spoke of simplicity, and beauty.

Overall, the outfits were on fleek, with traditional seTswana and Pedi fashions on display, showcasing the beauty that Africa embodies.

Beautiful as the wedding was, the story of Hendrick and Adolphina divided viewers. Some applauded the bride’s courageous spirit, while others called Hendrick “trash” for having abandoned her in the first place.