Dudu and Vusi seal it with a kiss on Our Perfect Wedding

Our Perfect Wedding has become the preferred platform for lovers all over South Africa to showcase their love for each other on their big day.

Dudu Sibanyoni, 26, and Vusi Sekwana, 29, are one of those couples.

The lovebirds from Kwaggerfontein in Mpumalanga travelled a six year courting journey before they were joined in holy matrimony.

Vusi always had marriage in mind, and would tie a string around Dudu’s finger for measurements, but the soon-to-be wife just didn’t believe him.

“Vusi told me he wanted to get married last year and I didn’t believe him. He always spoke about it but I thought it wasn’t anything serious,” says Dudu.

In February of last year, at Dudu’s birthday party, Vusi decided to propose, but was turned down due to her, once again, not believing his intensions.

The groom was not discouraged.

In May of the same year he announced that he wanted to visit her family.

He wrote a letter of introduction, paid lobola and after all of that, finally knelt down on one knee and proposed - again!

This made Dudu a believer.

“I was so happy. My mum was also happy because she has six daughters but none of them have experienced this,” she said.

She added: “The reason I wanted OPW at our wedding is because I’m not ashamed about getting married to Vusi. I wanted everyone to be witnesses. Even those who don’t know must know that I am taken.”

This wedding’s theme colours were olive green, navy blue and a touch of silver.

The bridesmaid’s dresses, chosen by the bride, were olive green with a navy blue band across the midsection and they wore navy blue heels. To top the look off, they had green nail polish as well. Colour coordination!

The groomsmen wore distinct black suits with white polka dot detailing, green and white ties, brown belts and shoes.

The bride and groom made all the dress code decisions.

“The reason why I chose everything is because they have different opinions. I had to finalise everything,” she said.

Then the groom revealed his suit - which warrants no further commentary.

The bride’s dress, a design chosen by her sister, came with lots of bling and was exactly what the bride wanted.

On the big day, we witnessed a very nervous and edgy bride.

“My mother urged me to be on time so I didn’t want to disappoint her.”

But with the all the wedding singing and festivities, she wass quickly calmed down and was excited.

The groom on the other hand was extremely nervous.

“I feel like I’m fully fed and I’m hungry at the same time,” he said describing how he feels.

The ceremony took place at an outside venue, and when the bride walked down the aisle, the groom was taken aback.

“I wanted to cry when Dudu was walking towards me. I held back the tears. I couldn’t believe it was her. She was very beautiful, “ he said.

Emotions escalated when the vows were being said, and the rest of the procession went on seamlessly - even the kiss.

The reception décor back at home looked good, with fresh flowers for the centre piece and bright colours all around.

The cake came on time and everything was good to go.

After a quick outfit change, they wore their traditional attire and the classic wedding dance routine was the showstopper.

Day two was at Vusi’s home, to introduce and leave the bride at her new home.

In the African culture, it is customary for the bride to be given her new name once married. Dudu was named Nompumelelo by her in-laws.

The groom’s grandmother, Gogo Sekwane, said: “It translates ‘success’ which is what we wish for her. We welcome her into the family.” How sweet.

The festivities continued with more singing, dancing and eating of the cake - a special part of any wedding.

And the groom even announced his surprise Durban honeymoon for which he planned to depart the following day.

At the end of it all Dudu, or should we say Nompumelelo, was happy and relieved.

“It feels great to be married,” they said in unison.

Another perfect wedding that showed that “love wins again”, as presenter Jessica puts it.