I am not a parent or anyone’s guardian, but I feel strongly about raising kids the right way.

While the world has changed and there is little to no spanking compared with the dark ages of my childhood, there are some important lessons from back then that I will take with me to the grave.

This slight rant has been sparked by the fact that shows like My Super Sweet World Class go directly against raising kids in the correct manner.

I am not going to argue about what is wrong and what is right, but it’s sad that any teen can set “throwing the biggest party out there” as his or her life goal.

These are the same kids who are supposed to be preparing for high school exams and applying to top universities.

Instead, their energies are invested in coming up with ideas for how to become the world’s best party-thrower.

Perhaps if they read this they will think I am simply a party-pooper, but the truth is that this is as strange as TV ideas get.

First, who wants to watch a party on TV? It is like attending a wedding via Skype… close, but no cigar.

Second, because these kids do not work, we then turn to the sponsors of these ridiculous parties – the parents – and wonder what they can be thinking.

The world over, there are people starving, yet you are teaching your kids to be spoilt rascals who do not understand the value of money… but definitely know how to spend it.

On a positive note, it helps that we see in the shows how the youngsters plan each event. You can tell which kid has organisational skills and who hasn’t.

Yes, you may have tons of cash, but that is not enough to guarantee a good party. It takes a great planner to foresee everything.

This is one thing the viewer can perhaps enjoy, as all young party-throwers are essentially competing, giving the show a reality edge.

Drama addicts may find this part of the show interesting; otherwise it is a huge advert for liquor and David Guetta, which will leave you feeling glad you are anywhere else but at these shady parties.

Interesting themes, from Vikings to secret agents, are adopted in the quest to be different, but even that makes you see just how much money has been spent on the decorations alone.

Considering that these are one-night parties, horrific amounts are spent. This is Beverly Hills 90210 gone wrong.

• My Super Sweet World Class airs every Wednesday at 4.30pm on MTV Base (channel 322).