PJ Powers
PJ Powers
Politician and businessman Kenny Kunene will be roasted on Comedy Central.
Politician and businessman Kenny Kunene will be roasted on Comedy Central.

When you think of PJ Powers (pictured), you don't see her as a comedienne or someone who could throw verbal jabs. The Jabulani singer has always been about the positive, which is why it s going to be interesting to see her roast Kenny Kunene.

“I got the call and although I am not a comedian, I just thought it would be interesting to take part in this roast,” she said.

Although she may not know Kunene personally, Powers said she had enough information to utilise.

“You can't live the way Kenny Kunene does and not get some sort of attention coming your way. There is a lot one can say so it should be fun to throw in the fire,” she said.

Considering what happened during last year’s celebrity roast, we had to ask if Powers knew how the roast worked and what she had signed up for. The legend confirmed that she was in the know.

“I watched the one with Steve Hofmeyr last year and several others from the USA and I think I got the gist of how things go at any given roast,” she said.

As such, Powers confirmed that while she will be dishing out jokes to the panel of roasters and Kunene, she expects to receive her fair share of ribbing as well.

“I am ready for that. My life is pretty much an open book and I don't have anything to hide. I have been in the music business for 32 years and so I know how to navigate myself in this his industry. I came out as a recovering alcoholic and so if you are going to go there then there isn’t much to say because it is already known,” she said.

To set the bar high, the singer also revealed that she has no restrictions when it comes to what people can say about her or those around her.

“I am not worried about what people could say about my family or friends because they have never been in the public eye and so it will not really make sense,” she said nonchalantly.

In her preparation PJ Powers said she has been writing a few things and bouncing them off a comedian friend of hers. That said, what she writes is not final as she will leave room for what happens on the night.

“I have just about a page of stuff and that's it. I want to make sure I work with the flow on the night so I don't want to be rigid. I have written standard things I have to say but most of it will have to come from the mood of the evening. You can't over-plan these kind of things,” she said.

While she writes jokes on one end, PJ Powers is also writing a book on the story of her life – a project that is consuming most of her time.

“I have been busy writing it with the help of a professional writer for a couple of weeks now. I am also busy with my shows in Cape Town and I am in the process of making a DVD. There is always something keeping me busy,” she said.

PJ Powers joins the likes of John Vlismas, Tumi Morake, Jack Parrow, Kanyi Mbau, Dineo Ranaka and Somizi Mhlongo in roasting Kenny Kunene.


• The second Comedy Central Roast will take place at the The Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City on April 3 at 8.30pm.