The group of celebrity taking part in the 5th season of Tropicas Island of treasure Jamaica Jay Anstey, AKA, Pearl Thusi, Mario Ogle, Reeva Steenkamp, Da L.E.S and Phuti Khomo. Picture: Timothy Bernard 27.06.2012

Not so long ago we saw the fourth season of Tropika Island of Treasure come to an end. A pleb won it and the celebs were stunned.

We are back at it again, with probably the best line-up yet. The celebrities who will take part in this instalment include AKA, Pearl Thusi, Da Les, Mario Ogle, Jay Anstey and Reeva Steenkamp.

And their destination? Jamaica.

“It is a great cast and I think we are going to have fun,” said an excited AKA.

“Everyone understands that it is a reality show so I don’t think we will dwell much on the backstabbing and all that. At least not yet,” he said.

After being approached by the show’s producers to take part, the rapper gladly accepted. The R1 million prize money enticed him to take some time off his busy schedule and try his luck on the Caribbean island.

“I have been keeping fit, but because you never know what happens on this show, I decided to play without thinking about the money and just have fun instead,” he said.

For Phuti Khomo, the whole game is played in her head.

“As for now we are all cool with each other as celebrities because the plebs haven’t joined us yet. When they finally come through they alter the dynamics in the group as we all respond to their presence,” she said.

She felt like the odd one out in the group of celebrities since everybody knew everyone else.

“Pearl is really close to Da Les and he is tight with the boys, so that’s an alliance right there. Reeva and Jay are practically best buddies and so that kind of leaves me out,”she explained.

This was not her biggest issue with the set-up, though. She is more concerned about how to handle the plebs once they become part of the show.

“You see, when you are a celebrity people have a certain perspective of you. When the plebs come in, some of them will try to be buddy-buddy and downplay the celebrity thing. If you let that happen in the name of being nice, it may cost you your place in the show and after that.

“I’m not saying one should be stuck up, but there has to be a line between them and us because if not, people will not respect the reason you are a celebrity in the first place,” she pointed out.

Tropika’s group brand manager, Asheen Dayal, said the location, Jamaica, was probably the best yet for the show.

“Since we are all about the tropical feel, plus the colours and the rich culture, Jamaica is where this show should have started because it is inspired by everything Jamaican,” he said

The executive producer of the show, Samantha Moon, was thrilled to be going into season five with no glitches.

“We are ecstatic to be doing this again. We have come a long way and the show keeps getting better and better,” she said.

She pointed out that because of popular demand the show is going to be extended from half-an-hour to an hour. And another interesting change is that Tropika Island of Treasure has moved from to SABC1.

“We had a good run with the previous broadcaster, but we were now looking for a bigger market and SABC1 can provide us just that. They asked us to give them an hour an episode so we are going to take that challenge and give the viewer as much as they need,” she said.

SABC1’s Vukile Madlala gave an interesting explanation why the show should be on her channel: “In the townships kids buy kota and a bottle of Tropika so what better place to have a show sponsored by Tropika other than Mzansi’s official storyteller?” she said.

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