There was a wet, stinky egg on my face last Thursday when we published the first article about the fifth season of the reality show Tropika Island of Treasure as if Reeva Steenkamp was still alive and well.

As the first newspapers hit the streets that morning Steenkamp had probably just died in a tragic shooting at the home of her boyfriend, Oscar Pistorius. It was heartbreaking to then see her on the show on Saturday when she spoke of her departure.

We know now that out of the 14 contestants she is not going to get the R1 million, even posthumously. May her soul rest in peace. Here is what SABC1’s publicity manager, Vukile Madlala, has to say: “As SABC1 we are deeply saddened by the tragic turn of events involving one of the players on our show, Tropika Island of Treasure, season 5. Our thoughts and prayers during these trying times are with the family and friends of the dearly departed Reeva Steenkamp.”

With the second episode coming to your screens on Saturday, we hope that the mood will be much brighter on the island as things are a bit gloomy back home.

The celebrities have shown that they are united so far and the plebs have decided to present an impenetrable faction. No one is asking for autographs or free access to the high life, so the games are on and we’ll see how everyone will fare.

Based on last week’s activities, things should start on a high with one person being sent packing. Unlike other destinations that the show has travelled to, the Jamaican air transport system is efficient so those evicted will not see the next sunrise in that country.

As usual, the unperturbed DJ Fresh is always keen to deliver the bad news to whomever has to leave. His gig is a safe one where, as presenter, he stays for the duration of the show. So one way or another he knows he’ll be sipping cocktails by the beach while everyone else is either scheming or training to be ready for the next showcase.

Special attention will obviously be on Steenkamp. People will now look at her and see her enjoying probably some of the happiest times in her life.

She obviously was a team player, but with plans of her own on how to win the ultimate R1 million up for grabs. Her infectious personality and good looks made her very popular.

The winner of Tropika Island of Treasure is usually an unlikely character because the activities given to the contestants are kept secret until the moment they have to be executed.

If it is the physical things then AKA and Mario Ogle look like the type of brothers who could take care of business. However, as seen in previous seasons, physical tasks are not necessarily key elements of the show, nor do they require the contestants to be immensely fit. Anyone can do it, ask last year’s winner, Nolan Jonathan.

But when it comes to the brainy stuff then the girls, preferably the non-models, will have a better chance to win.

An array of activities that have never been done on the show have been arranged and we see our first eviction this weekend.

Look out for our interview with the contestants next week when we review Saturday’s episode.

• Tropika Island of Treasure airs every Saturday on SABC1 at 6.30pm.