Call Me Fitz Text: Screenshot CHANNEL: Sony Max CAST: Jason Priestley, Ernie Grunwald, Donavon Stinson GENRE: Comedy COUNTRY: USA YEAR: 2012 DIRECTOR: � 2012 Entertainment One Ltd.

IMMORAL protagonists are a sure-fire hit with television viewers. Hugh Laurie as Dr Gregory House, a drug-addicted misanthropic medical genius, in House, and David Duchovny as Hank Moody, a novelist who substitutes his writer’s block issues with wanton sex and drugs in Californication, validate this fact with myriad awards and a long series run.

This brings us to Jason Priestley of Beverly Hills 90210 fame and his fast-growing popularity as Richard Fitzpatrick, aka Fitz, in Sony Max’s comedy Call Me Fitz.

Introduced as a morally bankrupt used car salesman, his sense of self and grating flippant attitude endeared him to viewers. More so with Ernie Grunwald, as Larry, becoming a saintly nuisance.

As Fitz navigated his way through scandalous dilemmas, viewers became hooked on his devilishly depraved shenanigans. Just when it felt as if his antics had reached the ceiling, the writers decided to push the envelope in season three.

Let’s just say the anti-hero decides the next step should be running for public office. His deeds – triggered by self-serving motives, of course – hit a few snags as is par for the course when following the path of “dirty politics”.

This season he finds that getting into bed with certain high-profile individuals could blow his dreams to smithereens.

Among the hiccups coming up is Fitz finding himself at the epicentre of a by-law battle that threatens to undermine the entire political system, getting thrown into jail and having somewhat of an epiphany before his son’s birth.

Can Fitz change his depraved ways? We can but hope.

However, what we do know for sure is that the new season is laden with more charm, substance abuse, womanising and mayhem.

Basically, it plays out like a normal day in Charlie Sheen’s life – never a dull moment.

• Call Me Fitz airs on Sony Max (DStv channel 128) on Wednesdays at 10pm.