FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Actor and comedian Kenneth Nkosi hosts SAs Kitchen Queens on

Coming up with a fresh, new reality TV show is an almost impossible task today, because everything has already been done.

In fact, it is even worse if you are going to try your luck in areas such as cooking shows, because there is already a plethora of programmes of that nature on air.

But when you have a strong vision and formulate a product from an authentic concept, it will soar. And this is what SA’s Kitchen Queens has in store for you.

An 11-part reality series, the show follows six ordinary women who were nominated by their communities because of their cooking skills.

They are also known in their circles as charitable and willing always to help their disadvantaged community members.

On SA’s Kitchen Queens, the women are given several challenges which will see them address pressing issues in their communities.

The winner of each challenge will receive assistance in improving their life and that of those in their immediate environment.

South African actor and comedian Kenneth Nkosi is the show’s host and shared with us what viewers could expect.

“This show is about mothers doing what they have always done best, which is keeping the family intact,” said Nkosi.

For him, SA’s Kitchen Queens is more than just a cook-off, it is a respectful offering and tribute to all South African mothers.

“We all know that without mothers we are doomed.

“We have to realise that, for people like me, I don’t know anything about being brought up by a father. So it was me, my mother and five siblings,” Nkosi said.

“If anyone today stood up and called me a role model, I would want them to know that all I am is because of the mother who raised me.”

For him the weekend timing of the airing of the show is craftily done to make sure as many mothers as possible can watch their peers go through the various challenges in the hopes of winning and thereby saving their communities.

“We show it on a Sunday, so many mothers should be relaxing then, and they should be able to talk to each other about the developments on SA’s Kitchen Queens without having to worry about their daily chores,” said Nkosi.

As a well-known brand, Nkosi signed on to this project as a host and voice-over narrator.

To make us concentrate more on the contestants, Nkosi has removed himself from the first few episodes and what we have instead are just his vocals. He appears later in the season to present prizes and give instructions for more challenges.

With so many food shows on the market, you might wonder if there is room for a show like SA’s Kitchen Queens.

“There is a lot of competition out there, but I think the format speaks to the audience.

“This is not MasterChef or Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen, this is a show that pays tribute to the people who have been making meals for most of us,” he said.

• SA’s Kitchen Queens premieres on May 11 and will air on Sundays on at 6.05pm.