UNIFORM UNION: Army obligations mean this couple have a long-distance relationship.

Long-distance relationships are a scary subject because there is always the notion that because of the absence of the one you love, your feelings for them tend to grow weaker. It’s generally true for most people, from the US Marine leaving his spouse for duty to the Springbok player going to play overseas.

This is why MTV’s Time’s Up will work as a reality series. On the show couples who have to be separated for school or work must evaluate their relationship. For a reality show, this is as close to reality as possible because most of us can relate to the situation.

In every episode we see a couple that have been together for a while. We see them receive the news that will bring about their separation and how they handle it. In true reality TV style, the parties share their feelings on how they see their relationship in the near future. We also hear people close to them say their piece, reasoning whether the couple should continue seeing each other. In the end, when the time comes to say goodbye, the couple has to tell us if they are going to hold on or not.



Let’s agree on something: long-distance relationships are generally destined to fail. When the two parties are apart, life tends to go on and new people come in to “dilute” what was once strong love. There is little that can be done about that because through daily routines, work, gym, church etc we meet other people.

But, and this is a huge but, there are success stories where long-distance relationships have survived.

The one thing any relationship depends on is communication. So with the use of today’s technology, instant messaging and video chatting, there is a strong possibility that a couple in love could stay together. While this may be great, it should be coupled with occasional physical contact. So you might only see your loved one a few times during the year, but if you chat to them every day, there is a chance you might make it.

But the underlying factor that makes or breaks these relationships is the due date of return.

If someone says ‘goodbye’, the only thing that keeps most people holding on is their return date. If it’s for school, then it’s the school holidays and if it’s work then also during the public holidays. If they are moving away permanently you have to know when you will be following them. Without any of these elements in place, then sorry, your time’s up.


• Time’s Up airs Sundays at 4.55pm on MTV (DStv channel 130).