Chef Rustic Chakula. Picture: Instagram

Hosted by the Afrocentric, charming and cosmopolitan chef, Sizo Henna explores lifestyle, art, music, culture and delicious culinary creations.

Henna has been a well-kept secret among the rich and famous in South Africa. The young, energetic chef studied at London’s prestigious Walthamstow Forest College and has a very simple business concept: “Do a stunning job every time”.

This has evidently worked for him because he keeps getting business everywhere, from politicians and business people.

What are viewers in store for?

I love honest flavours and farm-fresh ingredients.

On the show, viewers will join me on a journey as I pick up the freshest produce and take it back to my kitchen, where I will show them different ways and techniques to prepare dishes. It’s real food with a twist.

How did the name of the show come about?

I grew up watching chefs like Nigella (Lawson) and Jamie Oliver and I loved the honest, home-grown flavours they used.

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I also worked on a watercress farm, so with that in mind I called the show Rustic Chakula.

Chakula means “good food” in Swahili.

You’ll have guests on your show. What will they be doing?

Every episode, I cook for a celebrity. During the show we talk about their upbringing, careers and, most importantly, about their food experiences.

Who can we look forward to seeing?

In the very first episode viewers are introduced to Gail Mabalane and I’ll be preparing my take on a bread and butter pudding.

Throughout the season, viewers can look forward to Kojo Baffoe, Shashi Naidoo (I could barely concentrate; I have the biggest crush on her), Lebo Gunguluza, Sisa Ntshona and others.

Who was the nicest guest?

All were nice, but if I had to chose, I would pick Maleh.

She is a jazz musician and we had a very interesting chat. And I got to prepare beer chicken and tempura veggies for our dinner.

Beer? Do you use a lot of alcohol in your cooking?

Well, I love making red wine sauces. I also show viewers how to prepare some really refreshing cocktails. And I have a taster on the show. It’s a very relaxed vibe.

Why should viewers tune in?

I show viewers how to do exciting recipes in the comfort of their homes. They get to know more about some of their favourite celebrities and what they love. I am a new face on their screens and I dance. What more can I say?

* Catch Henna in Rustic Chakula starting on Tuesday at 8.30pm on SABC 3.