The white rose that proved to be a game-changer for Pasha Dos Santos in episode one of the second season of "The Bachelor SA". Picture: Supplied
The white rose that proved to be a game-changer for Pasha Dos Santos in episode one of the second season of "The Bachelor SA". Picture: Supplied

'Bachelor SA': Pasha has no regrets about 'stealing' one-on-one date

By Debashine Thangevelo Time of article published Feb 21, 2020

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Looking for love on a TV show. Really, what could possibly go wrong? A lot, actually. 

Especially, if you are among 22 women vying for the affections of one very desirable bachelor – Marc Buckner. 

Reality shows of this nature never held much appeal for me. I get turned off by the fake personalities that often come to the fore. It is also the reason why I avoided season one of M-Net’s "The Bachelor SA". 

That said, after my tête-à-tête with Buckner last week, I decided to give the show a watch. 

I wanted to gauge if my first impression of him was on point. And it was. He is seriously hot. That square jaw, beard and piercing sea-green eyes are complemented by a sincere and charming personality. 

Being a gentleman is clearly second nature to him. He simply does his best to engage with each potential partner, finds common ground and takes things from there. 

Episode one offered an interesting mix of eye-raising and jaw-dropping moments, especially with Buckner being gifted with everything from jewellery, a plant, running shoes, swimming shorts and fried chicken. 

Cheesy doesn’t even begin to describe some of the lines he got. The lady who arrived with the chicken, said: “I could be your wingwoman. I could be the right chick.” 

Tamryn Muller, a soldier and a lawyer, arrived channelling her inner Lara Croft. 

Each lady made a grand entry, one even ran up to him. I think it best not to comment on Gillian Seetso’s singing, which was deserving of the wooden mic honours. Rikki Brest, a serious petrolhead, tried to revv her way into his heart while Jessica Calder, a patisserie chef, tried to do the same but with an edible impression rose. 

There was no shortage of personalities, especially with Qiniso van Damme spending the better part of the night trying to get her fellow rivals to pronounce her name correctly. According to her, she brings the “pizzazz to the mansion”. 

Amor Kruger wasn’t shy to stake her claim from the get-go. When she arrived, her wheels had a sign on the window that read: “Future Mrs Buckner”. 

Sadly, she left in tears and without a rose. She does get 10/10 for those initial confidence levels. There is an interesting cultural mix of personalities. 

Some of the women are coy and a bit forgettable, to be honest. Others attempted to be the Queen Bee. And the inbetweeners formed a clique to show strength in numbers. Every woman in the room was sizing up their biggest competitor. There was some serious tension between Tamryn and Nolo Moloi. 

Marc Buckner hands Pasha dos Santos another rose on their one-on-one date. Picture: Supplied

While several of them tried to make inroads by using Luna (Buckner’s dog) as a conversation starter, Silke Geugis was the only person who pulled it off. She sketched his furry friend and that thoughtful gesture also got her the first impression rose. A vegan activist, she’s quite a head-turner. 

And her tree-hugging personality seems to resonate well with Buckner. She’s definitely going to go far in the competition. 

Now let’s get back to the white rose that Pasha dos Santos received. Last night, she learnt that it was a Wild Rose, which means she has the power to steal any individual or group date, up to the fourth rose ceremony. 

And she did just that when Marisia van Wyk was invited to a one-on-one date. 

In her diary session, Pasha said: “I need to do what I need to do. And, as soon as I heard it was a one-on-one, I knew I had to take it.”

Following the group date, where the ladies got down and dirty to build a dog house for Luna, our dreamy bachelor decided to enjoy some breakaway time with Mulesa Lumina. 

He’s been drawn to her since their red carpet encounter. The numbers are dwindling with Tegan Edwards and Xia Narain now exiting the show. 

Of course, you know what that means – the ladies will be grabbing any and every opportunity to claw their way into the coveted spot as “Mrs Buckner”. 

"The Bachelor SA" season 2 airs on M-Net (DStv channel 101) at 7pm on Thursdays. 

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