Dineo Ranaka. Picture: Supplied

Mzansi Magic's viewers were left shocked after last night episode of the "reality show" 'YimLo' when Meshack confessed that he’s engaged to two women.

Meshack insisted that he’s not cheating because he’s a polygamist. He said he loves the two women and he wants to marry them both.

When some started calling Meshack names for his evil deeds, others weren’t really convinced of the whole dramatic confession.

And it wasn’t long before tweeps figure out that the episode is “scripted” and the files started dropping.

It appears that Meshack owns a modelling agency and his “two girlfriends/fiances” are his clients. Talk about cheating.  

Talk about a tall ask! Would you go along with Meshack's proposal if you were Thandi or Pearl? #YimLo pic.twitter.com/YCuI2C5TnV

Check out Dineo's reaction after Meshack 'drops' the bomb.

Black Twitter was fuming over the fact that the episode was "staged, scripted and fake" and shots were fired: