Bathubathu’ Mahlangu. Picture: Twitter

Date My Family helps singletons find love by sending them on dates with their potential partner's family. 

The question is: Can you really trust your family to help you find love?

This cool mom seemingly found love for her daughter, Onthatile.

But first things first, you know your mom is not an average mom when she says, “can I ask him (daughter’s potential boyfriend) if he’s a good kisser or not”. This is what Onthatile's mother asked her daughter minutes before her potential date arrived on Sunday night’s episode of Date My Family. 

The singleton's mother, Bathubathu’ Mahlangu has a free-spirited personality and won the hearts of many including Lee, the potential son-in-law.

The outspoken biker mom was rocking short blond hair and multiple tattoos.

Lee, a system analyst from Richards Bay, currently resides “around” Fourways dined with three families in his quest to find the love of his life. His first stop was Mary-Ann’s home, then Gatliso’s and lastly Onthatile’s.

It was Onthatile’s mother who stole Lee’s heart the minutes he stepped into the Mahlangu’s household. 

The family were a bit concerned about Lee's six-year relationship that ended recently and when asked what happened, he simply said: "It just didn't work out".

Onthatile thought Lee was not being honest.

Things got a bit interesting when Lee asked about Onthatile's looks and the mother injected: "She is a beautiful girl, she has a nice bum. You have to look at me to see how she going to age."

The evening went so well, Lee came back for Onthatile and they are a perfect match.

Tweeps came to a consensus that she is one of coolest moms in Mzansi.