#Date My Family's Lerato. Picture: Twitter

A week ago, Date My Family viewers learnt a new term for cheating — branching out —, and in its latest episode brought more 'pearls of wisdom' to the urban dictionary — modern traditional healers are now called "slay gogos".

Lukas, 28, from Centurion met with three families of the potential dates, but it was the friend of the first family’s bachelorette, Ofentse, who stole the show.

Ofentse said she has a “special calling” (ubizo) and she’s looking for a “respectful guy” who will embrace her gifting and “not be scared of it”.
“I’m going to be a “slay gogo” at some point, she explained.

Ofenste's friend, Lerato — who seemed distracted by Lukas’ charm, among other things — alleges her friend sees things, she can’t go to the beach and she performs magic.

"Ofentse has that “special thing”, “the moya thing”, she sees things...it’s an ancestral thing, she doesn’t do hectic magic but she has that gift. She was forced to go through initiation...she doesn’t practice. She can’t go to the ocean...to the beach...if she’s there we are all going to drown," Lerato explained.

But Twitter wasn't feeling this 'slay gogo' business. 

Perhaps it was the English language that failed her, said Twitter.

It was just too awkward, mara.

It's no wonder Lukas didn't come back for Ofentse. 

Lukas chose Naledi, and the two looked so cute together, but as Twitter was celebrating the "perfect couple," Naledi shared a post during the broadcast to let tweeps know that things didn't work out between herself and Lukas.

While many were shocked at Naledi's revelations, others were celebrating, asking if Naledi was single.