Cleopatra. Picture: Twitter

Sunday TV on Mzansi Mzagic is indeed a great way to wrap up the weekend. On the latest episode of Date My Family we met 29-year-old Neo from Rustenburg. 

Neo said he who was looking for a respectful woman but ended up with a “rude” Cleopatra after having diner with three singletons's families.

Cleo, a model, also from Rustenburg, asked not to be called a “yellow bone”, while the duo was travelling to their date spot.

Yellow bone is a a term used for light skinned black people. Neo said Cleo was a "yellow bone" as a way of complimenting her but that didn't flatter her at all.

"I don’t like being called a yellow bone, and I don’t think I owe anyone a reason for that," said agitated Cleo.

That was just the beginning of some of the most awkward dates seen on the show this far. 

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But it was clear from the beginning that Cleo was not interested in Neo. While waiting for outside to see who Neo chose, Cleo kept saying "I hope he’s not in the car".

In a series of tweets, Cleo stated that she was "begged" to be on the show and she wasn't "searching for a man".

And the date was a disaster. 

While some were still stuck on Cleo's "attitude", others were baffled by bachelorette number two's friend, Blondie.

Blondie didn't hide that she wanted Neo for herself, stating that he's a great guy and he looked monied.

...but I hope he will find a right person, just like me.

After all that drama, Cleo insists she won't apologise for her "stinking attitude".