Dave. Picture: Twitter

Last night’s bachelor on Date My Family was Dave, a 43 year entrepreneur who owns an events and promotions company. He also manages a club in Soweto.

Dave said he is looking for a lifetime partner and prefers someone who doesn't drink nor smoke as he doesn’t drink - or that’s what he initially said, he later revealed he like traditional beer.

Dave’s first stop was at Tebogo’s family. Tebogo is a traditional healer. 

Tebogo, who said she was looking for a tall, dark and handsome guy, said because Dave was tall and dark, “we can always buy the handsome”.

Tebogo didn’t seem too fond of Dave. At one point she said that Dave is the type that, when you introduce him to your friends, they can only say “as long as you’re happy ”.

Tebogo's aunt was very impressed by Dave but her sister was shocked that he doesn't drink. 

Second date was with Lelo’s family.

Lelo seemed impressed with Dave’s tall frame but her friends thought his was stiff and boring.  Dave asked for tea and again everyone was surprised.

Dave pulled out all the stops trying to impress Lelo’s family. He even said he would take Lelo to the US for a date! Not a holiday, just a date, in the USA.

Dave’s last stop was with Winnie’s family. Winnie was impressed when she first saw Dave, and it seemed they were a perfect match. Even Twitter was convinced that they were a match made in heaven.

Winnie’s brother though didn’t seem to like Dave much. “Something's not right with this guy, he’s a bit rigid,” he said.

Dave eventually chose Winnie. 

Though some were rooting for the duo, Dave's occupation and his change of heart from ''not drinking alcohol" to drinking traditional beer left others confused.

What's impressive though is that just on the second episode of Date My family, there's already a "perfect match".