Dr Paul Nassif and Dr Terry Dubrow tackle impossible cases in season six of “Botched, the hit reality show on E!
Picture: Supplied
Dr Paul Nassif and Dr Terry Dubrow tackle impossible cases in season six of “Botched, the hit reality show on E! Picture: Supplied

Dr Terry Dubrow gets to the bottom of the problem in 'Botched' on E!

By Debashine Thangevelo Time of article published Jun 13, 2020

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After five seasons, Dr Paul Nassif and Dr Terry Dubrow have kind of seen it all on "Botched". 

Since it first aired on E! in 2014, viewers have been glued to the series. As much as the reality show is entertaining, especially with the celebrity plastic surgeons playfully poking fun at each other, there’s also a cautionary tale offsetting the drama. 

In a recent telephone chat with Dr Dubrow, he touched on a recurring problem this season - Brazilian butt lifts. 

Dr Paul Nassif and Dr Terry Dubrow tackle impossible cases in season six of “Botched", the hit reality show on E! Picture: Supplied

He explained: “When you take fat from one part of the body to make the butt bigger... we are seeing tons of complications related to that. On this season, we have a couple of patients, who’ve had fat injected. It either killed the blood supply to the buttock and it fell off and they have no buttock at all or it got infected and they had to spend months in the hospital and had to have their buttock removed. 

“Now they have huge scars. That’s a very challenging thing to make. If someone loses their breast, you can always put in a breast implant to give them some kind of breast shape back but if you lose your buttock, because of the unique anatomical nature of the buttock skin, you can’t just put in a buttock implant or fat in someone. 

"You have to make them a buttock out of their lower back and I’ve come up with operations that allow me to do that, which is very challenging for me this season. You are going to see something really difficult and interesting.”

Dr Dubrow added: “And then this season, we also have a number of patients who have had traumatic injuries, who had severe car accidents or their dog bit off their nose or a woman who basically lost her entire cheek because of a car accident. So you see a combination of plastic surgery, by botch and by nature, which makes it a very interesting and unique season.”

Over the seasons, both plastic surgeons have become more seasoned with the cases they have taken on. As such, they are braving the impossible. 

He shared: “There are cases in the first five seasons that we have passed on that we said these are not fixable as the risks are too high and we put them into the impossible file. This season, because we have a new level of skill after all these seasons, we opened up the impossible files and we applied those skills to the patients. 

"Of course, we said to them, ‘Are you willing to have an operation that is going to make you worse before it makes you better?’ By that, we mean we are going to have to move tissue around and some of the tissue is going to die while doing that. They will probably end up with a wound problem and may end up in the hospital for a while…”

After that, they will have to be willing to undergo three, four or even more operations.

While there are no plans to include anyone new to the show, the doctors add a personal element this season. 

Dr Dubrow added: “I think it would be very hard to add a doctor who has six years of experience doing ‘Botched’ now. You can’t just come from a normal plastic surgery practice to these kinds of cases. What makes this season unique is that Paul got married. 

"Paul’s wife is very young and he’s having a baby. So this season, my daughter and wife come on the show, too. We are adding our personal lives. That’s heart on both sides, in terms of the patients and what’s going on in our personal lives.”

"Botched" 6 airs on E! (DStv channel 124) on Monday at 8pm. 

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