Durang Atembe with Thimna at the villa in ’Love Island SA’. Picture: Supplied
Durang Atembe with Thimna at the villa in ’Love Island SA’. Picture: Supplied

Durang Atembe says there are no hard feelings after ‘Love Island SA’ exit

By Debashine Thangevelo Time of article published Mar 15, 2021

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Tall, dark and handsome. Durang Atembe was the ideal guy - despite his early exit from M-Net’s “Love Island SA”.

This 22 year old personal trainer was dripping with swag when he arrived at the “Love Island (more like Wineland) SA” villa.

Sadly, all that swag and bragging rights to having over 100 notches on his bedpost, didn’t endear him to the ladies in the house.

Despite clocking a few romantic miles with the gorgeous Thimna, he didn’t exactly bowl her over. And he struck out with Millie, too. Perhaps, she didn’t take too well to that “big d**k energy” he exuded. Who knows.

As the second person to be voted off the show, Atembe smiled: “It’s been crazy. It’s been really, really crazy.”

Durang Atembe has no regrets about leaving “Love Island SA”. Picture: Supplied

But he doesn’t seem too fazed at having to exit the reality show this early on - he was dumped from the show on Thursday night.

When asked if he was bummed about leaving, he responded: “Of course, not. I’m looking at it from a very positive way. My experience was very amazing. I’m not worried about whether I came last or second or if I was the fourth one out. I just had a good experience.

“I went in there by myself and stayed true to myself. That’s the most important thing.”

As for his intention going in, Atembe pointed out: “My intention was not just going in for the money - definitely, there was a big money reward. My intention was to find someone I really wanted to be with. Finding love, you know. To tell my story and to make a good impression. The show was about finding the right person for you.”

Any regrets?

“I could have done a lot of better,” he acknowledged.

In what way, I asked.

“Handled situations, in terms of understanding where my head was at. At the same time, it was a bit early. That situation with Thimna and Millie. I was entitled to get to know both women.I felt I was maybe misunderstood. At the same time, I realised I should focus on one person,” he responded.

Of course, regret often comes a little too late.

And Atembe knew his time had come when he found himself without a partner last Thursday.

Durang Atembe with Azad. Picture: Supplied

That said, he is rooting for Thimna and Libhongo-Lethu.

He added: “I think Libho came in with a different energy and persona. He definitely stood out for me. I remember saying to him, ‘Friend, being in that situation, focus on Thimna. She’s a great woman with a great heart, she deserves the best’.”

“I couldn’t give her that at the time, I hope things work out for them.”

The other couple he feels has a strong connection is Xavier and Millie.

“They understand each other. They focus on themselves and I think they have a good chance,” he shared.

As for the dark horse in the competition, Atembe, without any hesitation, said it was Chris.

“I love his energy. He is going to shake the room. He doesn’t give up. He sticks to one person. It’s like, ‘Summer, I’m your Ken and you are my Barbie. Kaige, I’m sorry you had your chance’.”

Back in the real world, Atembe’s very zen about the whole social experiment in dating.

He added: “What I’ve learned in that small space of time is that it is always great to communicate. That’s my biggest takeaway. If you are not straight-up about what you want to say, it can mess things up.”

What’s next?

He’s going to build his fitness brand and, as far as possible, stay on the media’s radar.

As for finding that great connection and falling in love, well, that’s a work in progress. And his time in the villa has prepared him to do better in real life.

We wish him well!

“Love Island SA” airs on M-Net (DStv channel 101) on weekdays at 9.30pm with unseen bits airing on Sundays.

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