Ryan Hammond and Angelique Allison. Picture: Twitter.com/M-Net

Last night’s episode of Dancing With The Stars South Africa started Valentine’s week on the perfect note, when the second episode of the new reality series ended with a surprise proposal.

Professional dancer Ryan Hammond (whose partner is former Miss South Africa Liesl Laurie) proposed to long-time girlfriend, Angelique Allison at the end of the group’s performance on the Sunday evening show. 

The group performed to a swing band piece by Frank Sinatra, and dressed up in white gowns, black tuxedo penguin coats and top hats. 

Angelique Allison, a professional dancer (whose partner is retired footballer Delron Buckley) was completely surprised by her boyfriend’s proposal. Hammond bent down on one knee at the end of the performance, revealed a small black box from his coat pocket, and proposed to Allison in front of the live audience and the other dancers. 

“It's Valentine's Day, we share the same dreams, and I want to dance the rest of our lives away," said Hammond as he looked up at his emotional girlfriend, who could not stop smiling among the crowd who cheered for the happy couple.