They say "be careful who you call your friends”.

This proved true on last night’s episode of Date My Family when the friend of one participant, Gugu, started flirting with her bestie's potential boyfriend.

Last night's bachelor was 26-year-old Masava, aka Amos, who dined with three families in a quest to find the woman of his dreams.

And he certainly got more than he bargained for when he asked Gugu's friend Nokwazi where she lives.

“We’re stay in Maboneng. When you're in the area, holla at me,” she said. 

Even Gugu, who was watching from a separate location, picked up that her best friend was flirting with Amos.

Despite the family seemingly agreeing that Amos is a good guy for Gugu, Nokwazi didn’t agree. Twitter agreed that Nokwazi wanted Amos for herself.

Nonetheless, Amos came back for Gugu.

But before that, Amos had dinner with Thando and Vanessa’s families respectively.

Amos, a private banker, said he’s from Kenya and likes his woman to have a nice behind.

The first bachelorette, Thando, said she was looking for someone with a nice pair of teeth, who is also very affectionate. She also didn't want someone boring.

Thando did say a couple times that she liked Amos, but Amos seemed more attracted to the food. He didn’t come back for Thando, but he certainly asked for a take-away.

We hope he brought back the container.

Vanessa’s family weren’t very impressed with Amos’s appetite, when he asked for take-away her as well.

“He eats too much,” Vanessa’s friend said.

Vanessa’s brother was particularly unimpressed withjy Amos’s dress sense.

“Shoes and pants don't coordinate with the socks," said the brother.

Amos eventually picked Gugu, and the two hit if off immediately.

They couple shared a lot in common, including their love for football and academics.

They seemingly enjoyed each other’s company and date two, three and four is in definitely on the cards for Amos and Gugu.