Dineo Ranka. Picture: Instagram (@dineoranaka)

Mzansi Magic’s new show, YimLo left viewers divided on twerking, church and the show being a replica of Khanyi Mbau’s The Big Secret.

Billed as “A show that helps ordinary South Africans reveal and live in their truths,” Yim Lo is hosted by media personality and businesswoman Dineo Ranaka. It debuted on Tuesday night, featuring a young woman who had a big secret to disclose.

Fefe, the woman in question, wanted to talk to her church leader Mam Thella, and tell her about her double life. She asked Dineo to accompany her to her friend, Xoli, who would then lend her the moral support she needed to come clean to her church leader.

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Her big secret? Fefe gets paid to twerk on a Saturday night. Many viewers felt that the big reveal was lukewarm at best.

Xoli, however, stole the show with her Oscar-worthy performance when Fefe disclosed her secret. Twitter didn't spare her, even going so far as to discuss how her drawn on eyebrows that got erased during her 'performance'. 

Fefe, meanwhile, said she loved twerking. However, she claimed she would stop if she found a proper job.

What confused many people was that Fefe's mother knew about her twerking. Some commentors questioned why she had to confess to her church leader when her mother knew about the issue. 

Others argued that twerking is not a sin and there was no point in a confession of any sort. Some even suggested that Fefe is an attention seeker trying promote her singing career.

The social media consensus seems to be that Yim Lo is the same as The Big Secret, Nyan Nyan, and uTatakho. 

Dineo, however, received praise for her hosting skills. Her presence may just be the show's saving grace.