Mr and Mrs Witbooi. Picture: Twitter

Another week down means another couple had been joint in holy matrimony. This week OPW took a short left to a small town called Adelaide, in the Eastern Cape, to marry off 23-year-old Leonette Freeks and 26-year-old Benedict Witbooi. 

The high school sweethearts were separated by distance but never got over the love they had for each other. 

"I have to say I never ever forgot about him," said Leonette. "even on Facebook, if I saw a picture or something I would just stare," she added.

But years later, after finding their way back to each other, the couple dated again - this time with the blessing from their parents.

Benedict took the steps of rekindling the love. "When I went to wish her mother a Happy Mother's day, I asked for her number and we started communicating from then on."

Even with the positive route their relationship was taking, distance was still an issue with the groom having to move back to his work place in Queenstown. But through all the tribulations and ultimately reaching their wedding day, the couple said they want to share their love with the world. 

On the young couple's wishlist was the bride's dress, bridesmaid dresses, groom's suit and the deco.

The entire wedding was planned solely based on what the bride has envisioned.

The groom, wore a three piece cream suit with a touch of peach, while his groomsmen wore a two piece suit similar to his. They all wore brown shoes to go with the suits and looking very simple yet stylish.  

The bride chose a mermaid look for a dress, " and didn't want the ballroom look", as she was after simplicity and ease for her big day. 

The braidmaids wore light peach chiffon dresses with lace tops, dresses that were locally designed. Supporting local, VIVA. The three ladies wore flat sandals, which is said to be a joint decision while the matron of honor paired her outfit with gold shimmer heels. 

From the parents side - seeing her daughter being married off, Leonette's mother thought that the bride deserves all the good that is coming her way. The father of groom was proud of the decision his son took and couldn't hold in his excitement. 

Was it just me or was our presenter more free than the other week? Maybe it is because she was in her hometown? Anyway she also embraced the theme and wore a chiffon peach dress that looked dazzling. 

When the time came for the bride walked down the aisle, the groom could not contain his excitement. "As the bridemaids walked in, I couldn't stop looking over my shoulder wondering where she was," he said. 

Leonette's walking in got the entire church room in tears, literally, making this a very emotional day. And the couple said their I Dos. 

Off to the  reception area and keeping with the theme, their deco was coral gold with touches of peach - which impressed the couple. Everything was as the bride envisioned. 

"Like I said earlier, I trust Leonette with everything otherwise I wouldn't have popped the question," says the groom. 

The reception hall was draped in white and a touch of gold. The room was also decorated with fairy lights and the wooden floors also added to the ambience of the entire look. 

The bridal party, including our married couple, walked into their reception area with a dance.  And like any other wedding - speeches were said, glasses clinked and food served. 

The wedding tradition of giving sections of the cake to the families was done before the bride's father shared a dance with his daughter. 

The beautiful day ended in dance, the bride and groom also lighting the dance floor.  "The day was really lovely. I really enjoyed it," said Leonette - while the hubby was glad the day was over.