Paxton. Picture: Twitter

After 10 weeks of 'Idols SA', the first male contestant has been eliminated from the Top 16 on Sunday night. 

Christo, who was discovered in Port Elizabeth via the pop up auditions, was the first guy to bow out levelling the playing grounds for the girls with three contenders each. 

On to the performances of the night. There was double the performances, double the fun, and double the pressure for the contestants as they performed two songs each. 

The first round of performances was dubbed 'This is how it should have been one' picking  a song from the Idols' wooden mic contenders - to show them how it should have been done.

And to fall short in this round of performance's was Phindy, who sang 'Whitney Houston's I will always love you' and Ariana Grande's 'Focus'.

Unathi said, "I didn't think it as a bad performance, but I was missing the emotional connection. With this one (performance) I didn't connect with you. There was something missing," she said.

Somizi liked her second song choice as he felt it was age appropriate to which Randall agreed with. 

"This sing definitely fits you a lot better, like a glove but there's something that is missing from previous weeks. I get the sense that you are enraptured by the make-up, the dress and every about Idols, and forgot that it is a competition where your competitors are really aiming to win. I think if you are here next week, you just have to remember that and focus, he added.

She was ranked as the first round's contestant who didn't do well by Unathi and Randall, alongside Faith by Somizi.

Faith took to stage to sing Nathi's Nomvula and Alicia Key's No One to which Unathi felt like Faith was distracted: When you performed Nomvula, you were saying hurtful things with a huge smile on your face and greeting the audience. 

Don't get distracted at this level. Remember why you entered. Remember how painful it was last year when we had to send you and your sister home. Don't let that go, you are so talented. Don't let it go at the last minute."

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Somizi didn't think it was a bad performance and has the gift of picking the right songs. Randall echoed Unathi's sentiments of her lacking the energy missing of winning the competition. 

"That is what I am missing. I can see you, you can go onto a career and can perform but in terms of this competition, there just doesn't seem to be, in your eyes, that will to win that I can see in other contestants," he said.

On the side of the compliments, the two shining stars were Mthokozisi who sang Ringo's Khum Nakhum and Sisqo's Incomplete.

Randall, with a nodding approval, said: "I think that in this competition you gotta be ripe at a certain point.  This week in the top 6, you are so comfortable. That's the one thing in see that I haven't seen before. You are ready," said Randall about both his performances. Unathi thought both performances were absolutely incredible

"Don't give anyone a chance. Don't take  this moment for granted. Don't take any verse, dont take bridge, any chorus for granted. You keep working, you keep showing SA how hungry you are. You are a gift o us, well done."

Somizi on the other hand said, "You are our gift, you are just a beast, you are amazing." he went to advising him to walk with God. "What tends to happen is that when somebody gets the feeling that  they might win, they drop the ball or become big headed," he says.

Another to wow the judges and received standing ovation and had Somizi on top of the judge's table was young Paxton who sang Beyoncé's Listen

Her second song choice Bruno Mars'  Just the Way  you are also lead the auditorium filled with the audience, including the in-house mentor Donald to their feet.
Randall came out to say, "I think to my mind are the only girl who can go up against those three guys. I think certainly the second song suited you better, your age, the type of song, your voice. It was a far better fit for you," he said.

Unathi who wonders if Paxton knows how wonderful she is said,"The way you performed 'Listen', as a teen just has me speechless because you fully understood what you were singing and you did it brilliantly. Keep your head down, stay focussed, as Randal said, you could be here until the very end if you keep going and stay focussed," she said. Lindo sang Nathi's Ndenze Njani and Kelly's step in the name of Love.

Somizi said he can't fault him vocally but only wished he would get into performance mode. He was also showered with great performances all around, with Unathi dubbing his first performance as his best ever on Idols.

Last week's favourite Botlhale sang Feel Good by Lira and Omarian's Should let me love you. Randall said, "Firstly finally we have three guys with really deep warm voices, I've been calling out for this for years. Secondly, your phrasing in this song was really on point. I think you just have to step it up a little. I think from now it is going to be really really difficult for the ladies to stick around in the competition because the three guys are so good.

Unathi "The one thing you have above the other contestants is the perfect song choice every single time you perform. As the week's go by, you are showing us the perfect vocal range. Keep going. Don't be apologetic about your gift. Slay," she said.

Next week, five remain as we get closer to crowning this year's top Idol.