The remaining seven Idols contestants pulled off a massive showstopper show tackling some of the world's biggest tunes. Photo: Twitter/IdolsSA

After the seemingly expected elimination of  Tee, the top 7 took on some of the world's biggest tunes for the showstopper theme with some brilliant performances and some the judges weren't so fond of.

After what Somizi dubbed as a disastrous performance and guesses from the in house mentor Donald that she will leave, Tee was indeed the contestant to bow out of this week. 

In this week's switch up of the seemingly expected elimination, Idols host Proverb made the announcement early on the show before the remaining 7 could deal to us their showstopper performances. 

And by expected elimination, it seemed as Tee was ready for her eviction and therefore it wasn't a sad show as normal weeks. 

Another twist of events is seeing the once dominating numbers for the ladies now lacking. The male contestants have until now not being eliminated, with only 3 girls against 4 remaining male contestants on the show. 

Onto the showstopper performances, if the opening of the show was anything to go by, the remainder of the night was an expected thrill.

Botlhale's performance of Tresor's Never Let me go was dubbed performance of the night by Unathi and also received a standing ovation from Somizi saying "you killed it. You murdered it. You came, you show up and you stopped it."


An impressed Randall said,  "We expect so much from the contestants during this particular show and often they work very hard, you can see they worked hard but sometimes it doesn't translate like that on stage but in your case, you brought the house down." 

Phindy took to the stage with Wild thoughts by DJ Khaled ft Rihanna.



 Apart from Unathi loving the song, she also loved her performance.

"I'm not too sure with the the way you interpreted the song. However, discarding that, that's just one part of your performance. The rest of the performance was brilliant. You committed to every part of the song. You danced, you didn't forget your choreography.  Somizi felt that she has all the qualities to be a triple threat. 

Faith took on  Pink's What about us, To which Randall says she did way better than what he expected.



Unathi said, 'I wish you could have pushed yourself more. I know you can do much much more than that.  She continued to say, " it is one thing to be limited by other people, that's just a distraction but to limit yourself is very dangerous. Push yourself ever time you can get, " she said. 

Somizi on the other hand loved everything about her performance, saying "you did the best that you could do and I don't expect anything more."

Mthokozisi chose AKA's Caiphus song with twists of his now signature vernacular rapping.

Thembisa Mdoda came on stage as bride, a beautiful surprise that got the crowd going crazy.  "Can we remind SA that this is show business and the show must go on. The reason I say this is Mthokozisi is that you were shot on both your legs just a couple of months ago but you did everything you were told to do on the stage.  

Every week you come up on stage, you don't realise how good you are, you try more than you should and this is why you get the results that you do week in week out. 

There is nothing I can fault on that performance. Somizi pulled out his praises in his unique English, pretty much saying he did a great job. And Randall agreed. 

Christo failed  to impress the judges with his Omarion performance of Post to be. 

Somizi felt it was all over the place wishing him luck for next week. Randall felt his performance is cheesy. Unathi commends him for leaving his comfort zone and she reckons he will be there next week. " I give you 10/10 for effort, for production, for the final thing," she said. 

With One Direction's Drag me down Lindo and got three great reviews from the judges. Somizi even gave him a standing ovation.


"Lindo, between yourself and Christo you've certainly brought the cheese tonight but in your case it's like Niknaks and I love Niknaks".

Last but certainly not the least, Paxton  took to stage with Sia's Cheap Thrills and it wasn't well received by Randall saying he expected a lot more. " 

I don't know what it was but today you seemed to be  on remote control. It just did not hit the spot," he said. Unathi felt she have her best and that is what matters.

Next week one contestant goes home and the remaining 6 will be singing songs that were murdered by this year's wooden mic contestants.