IdolsSa To 4. Picture: Twitter

Another week down, and only three weeks left to the 'Idols SA' finale, the top 4 remaining contestants sang two songs each, one of those being from their birth year. 

And with over 12 million votes casted, Faith didn't bag enough to keep her in the run for the ultimate prize.

Last week's favourite Botlhale chose a 1996 hit from Joan Osborne with 'One of Us'.

Randall commends him for being smart with his tricks. "I think pulling out the guitar tonight is a very, very good idea because I think that we may have forgotten that some of the singer's here are musicians, broader than just singing. What I didn't like was the phrasing in the chorus was a bit off . You just got to be careful to get everything absolutely right," said Randall.

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Unathi on the other hand said, "After last week's performance and that very, very enormous spiritual offering, I think it was a great song choice for you to completely branch out and choose a different genre. As Randall says it is commendable and very smart to pull out the guitar out now. 

"So keep pulling out the tricks and making sure that South Africa remembers you week by week. You are one contestant who I think  South Africa didn't necessarily take too seriously but look at you top 4, the final is two weeks away from today, everything you do or say now must remind South Africa why you need to be in the final. Well done".

His second song, Charlie Puth's 'One Call Away', Unathi said he has a lot of versatility.  

"At this stage of this competition where there are only three people that you have to compete with to get the crown, that is very very smart. What you are doing is that you are appealing to all pockets of South Africans at a different point. As Randal says, when the show ends you gotta make sure that South Africa remembers to vote for you and you are doing that week by week. So keep doing that, keep surprising us, keep enchanting us and all the best for next week." 

Somizi agreed to Unathi, while Randall believes that people really like Botlhale and at this stage of the competition,  that is all that matters.
After narrowly surviving last week's elimination, Phindy was the second to be called on stage,  to sing a 1997 popular song 'Sondela' from Rhingo, making this her second vernacular song on the show.

Unathi said, "Phindy, you have such a beautiful voice and I am so happy you chose an African song again. It was a beautiful rendition, it was 2017, it was absolutely beautiful."

Somizi couldn't fault her least he comes across jealous of her beautiful voice. "I am trying to find find fault but there is none. Dololo. It was beautiful, flawless,you look amazing, you respected the song. There is something beautiful with staying on true to your roots. You are a Zulu speaking lady, when sing an African song, it is felt deep within. "

Her second song choice,  Sorry from Beyonce had Somizi stand up in applause. "For me, in my eyes,  you are multi-talented. And the music business right now lacks a young teenager who is gonna Lebo Mathosa it. Should anything not work out the way you want it here, please my child I beg you go for it. Kill the game. There is a gap for you in the music business."

Randall didn't really buy her second take saying it was more of Phindy doing Beyonce as opposed to Phindy doing Phindy as a singer, and Unathi agreed.

Young Paxton born in the year 2000 sang 'Turn to You' by Christina Aguilera. 

An impressed Somizi said, "Paxton, I can't breath (holding his nose and mouth closed) You didn't forgive me, you didn't give me a chance.

Randall thought she did an admirable job with the song. "Simply from my point of view,  I like hearing you sing more contemporary songs. No comment about your singing,  that was fine. I just love your contemporary songs."

Paxton took on the popular Alicia Keys song In Common, performing it on the judge's table to Somizi, before breaking out in dance and getting the auditorium on its feet.

With his earlier comment of preferring her to sing contemporary songs, Randall swallowed the bitter pill and said "no more comments."

And all Somizi could say was "You deserve a Wooooooo Sheeem"

Last but certainly not the least, as the announcements are not in any particular order, Mthokozisi who fumbled on his lyrics last week made it through singing a hit song from Boyz II Men 'So Hard to say Goodbye' from 1991.

"I don't think in terms of all the songs that you've performed now in the first round, I don't think there could have been a better song for you. I think the arrangement helped to make everyone remember just how good you are, just in case they forgot."

Unathi said, "You have forgiven yourself, came back, sang, blessed us and did God's work Mthokozisi. It was perfect in every single way. "

For his second performance, Mthokozisi sang 'What Do You Mean' from Justin Bieber. 

"Mthokozisi you are having fun. And when you are having fun, we have fun and that is the beautiful thing about it, said Unathi. She continues to say that he has diversified and that has opened up a new voting market for him. "Your song choices today have possibly taken you into a new fan base. You have literally taken care of all your markets and even more so, people underestimate Justin Bieber as a vocalist because he is so commercial. What you have done is justify his vocability by being so great."

Earlier on the show, a special performance came through from Killer Kau ft Mbali with the popular 'Thol'ukuthi Hey' song. The finals will take place in Carnival City and tickets are available as of now.

Next week, the remaining three contestants will sing duets with former Idols greats Amanda Black, Musa and Thami.