Thabo Keebine and Oratile Tingwe. Picture: Twitter

What started out on social media finally culminated in a beautiful wedding.

Thabo Keebine and Oratile Tingwe from Borakalalo, in Zeerust, invited "Our Perfect Wedding" to witness their love as they said I do. 

It all began in 2010 on Facebook when the lovebirds would like each other's posts until Thabo gathered enough courage to inbox Oratile to ask for her number. But it was only three years later, in 2013, that they started dating. 

"He inboxed me and asked for my number and we communicated as friends. Over time, he told me he was smitten with me," said Oratile.

The relationship continued to blossom with some problems here and there but the bond was so strong that it led to Thabo proposing to her at a restaurant.The ring was strategically placed in the ice cream that she was to eat. 

The uncles paid lobola and now they walked down the aisle to make their union official. 

On why they invited "Our Perfect Wedding", the pair said they wanted to teach others that they shouldn't give up on their loved ones but to, "support your partner, and figure life out together", said Oratile. 

On their wedding day, Oratile wore a beautiful off-white wedding gown with lace details while her bridesmaids wore thulian pink dresses.

The groom wore a black suit with a grey waistcoat while his groomsmen wore baby blue suspenders with white shirts. 

When the Oratile walked down the aisle, the groom became emotional. "When I saw her walk down the aisle, I couldn't believe my eyes. I almost cried tears of joy, but I managed to hold them back," he said.

The decor at the reception matched their bridesmaids' dresses. Twitter was also buzzing, with tweeps wondering if the cake was purposefully designed to lean like the Tower of Pisa. 

Leading up to the traditional wedding on day two, where Thabo's family officially welcomed Oratile as their own, the groom's uncles got Twitterville in stitches when they kept on speaking at the same time. I guess they were both eager to share what's to come. 

All in all, they rated their beautiful two-day celebration as their perfect wedding.