Chef David Higgs will join J'Something in the SA version of My Kitchen Rules.
Chef David Higgs will join J'Something in the SA version of My Kitchen Rules.
Musician and foodie J'Something will judge My Kitchen Rules aside Chef David Higgs.
Musician and foodie J'Something will judge My Kitchen Rules aside Chef David Higgs.

The South African format of the popular Australian based reality cooking competition is finally here.

My Kitchen Rules South Africa, is coming to Cape Town and Durban (June 3 and 4) to host auditions for the first season, set to air later this year on M-net 101.

During auditions home cooks have an opportunity to impress the judges and go on to meet the first confirmed judge of the reality show, platinum award-winning singer and songwriter, restaurateur and acclaimed food enthusiast J’Something and renowned Chef David Higgs in the actually show kitchen.

The show promises to dish out drama and delectable dishes in some serious pressure-cooker settings around South Africa.

My Kitchen Rules South Africa will showcase a diverse range of local foodie pairs who will have to cook and entertain up a storm in order to go all the way to the final and win some fabulous prizes. 

“I am so excited and slightly nervous as it's my first host role and certainly the first time judging food, but I've done TV before, and I absolutely love doing things I love and this show speaks directly to what I'm all about. A home cook,” said J’Something.

He said he is looking for South Africans who take home cooking and give it a big helping of finesse.

“I’m looking for people who are passionate about food and people that can simply put love on a plate.

I want to see home cooking with finesse. And that really is down to being creative and taking something homely and adding character to it that makes you say wow. Passion is the greatest ingredient in the kitchen. I want to see passion on a plate. Being prepared is also important. They need to plan,” he said.  

The format of the competition will follow the same as the Australian show whereby 12 pairs of passionate cooks put their reputations and their dining rooms on the line to wow fellow contestants and two judges with their flair for food- the second for the South African format is yet to be confirmed.

“I would describe a perfect plate of food from its textures and balance. The contestants need to think about the elements on the plate and what they are trying to achieve. But honestly what we are looking for is love and flavour. But with that being said, contestants need to remember that we eat with our eyes first,” he said.

He said while it is sometimes easier to work alone in a home kitchen, the heat will be on as each pair tries to work together.

“I hope they can manage the heat in the kitchen together. I think the advantage is being able to do more and they should always remember that communication is key, especially as the competition stiffens. They need to become more experimental and should take risks. They need to take what they learn and implement it so that we can see their growth. They should also be able to work better and better as a team every week because dynamics in the kitchen are so important,” said J’Something.

In a contest of sheer nerve, grit, determination and a whole lot of confidence, the teams of home cooks will have to serve up the hottest dishes in their homes on one pressure cooker night.

Drama and tension will boil up; laughter and tears may erupt; and the timer will tick without mercy. With a big cash prize on offer, the knives are truly out. 

The judges as well as the final contestants will ultimately determine who stays and who gets the chop throughout the series.

“If contestants want to make it through to the end, they need to stay true to who they are,” he said.


Audition details:

Cape Town: June 3 and 4 at International Hotel School, 2nd Floor, 106 Adderley street, Cape Town

Durban: June 3 and 4 at International Hotel School, 124 Jan Hofmeyr road, Westville, Durban


Hopefuls auditioning for the show in these cities will have to prepare a cold dish of their choice to bring with them to their audition.

For more information about this, as well as how to get a fast track at auditions and more Frequently Asked Questions, go to