Mr and Mrs Msibi. Picture: Twitter

Our Perfect Wedding, this week, took a journey to the East of Johannesburg in Brakpan to meet 49-year old Grace Mamela and 49-year old Michael Msibi.

The couple's journey began 15 years ago when Grace was going through a divorce. Michael spotted the broken divorcee crying at the Home Affairs offices and felt it was his duty to comfort her. 

"I told her not to cry because the former husband did her a favour because it meant that he was not made for her. But she was made for me," said Michael.

And even with such sweet words, Grace gave her now-husband wrong numbers to "get him off my back." But as fate would have it, Micheal had to drive her back to her workplace and with that the pursuit continued. With perseverance, Grace finally gave into the proposed relationship.

During their time together, the couple was involved in a car accident that landed Grace in a coma. When she finally regained consciousness, she called out her ex-husband's name due to memory loss. But that did not deter Micheal in his pursuit for love and a relationship.

Also, another hurdle the couple has had to over is their cultural differences. But because love always wins, the couple chose to celebrate their union on the show to share their priceless happiness with Mzansi. "Two hearts in one moment, so we want people to witness our love," said Grace. 

Keep in mind that this is the couple's second wedding as they had celebrated their first Valentines themed ceremony on Robbin Island. The theme continued with the chosen colours of Red, White and Navy Blue and on their wishlist, the couple listed the carriage, the cake, the traditional attire and decor. 

The couple's four-tier cake incorporated their colours, with red roses on top. This theme also is said to be in line with the bride's love for the Methodist Church. And so was their decor, but the couple couldn't view their main table as it was said to be a surprise by the planner. Something the bride was not so comfortable with. 

The beautiful wedding took place at a venue and a horse was hired to transport the celebrants around in style. The day was full of more hurdles for the couple. Firstly, the flower girl was only making her way from Limpopo on the day of the wedding and the preacher officiating the ceremony was running late, delaying the entire wedding. 

You can only imagine how stressed the bride was. But after all attempts were made, the preacher who is said to be close to the bride's heart arrived and the ceremony could then commence. Grace strutted a vintage style white gown with diamonds and ruffles at the bottom, gloves, a choker and more glittery hair accessories. 

Her bridesmaids wore navy blue glittery dresses, with the matron of honour strutting a red version of the gowns. The groom looked stylish in a navy blue and white three-piece suit and his groomsmen wore solid navy blue suits with white shirts and red stylish ties. 

And even after 15 years of being together, Michael could not wait to see his wife walk down the aisle. "I was very happy. I was waiting for her to get here," blushed the groom. The couple chose to say their own vows to each other and with that were soon introduced as a married couple, sealing it with a kiss. 

After their photos were taken, the bridal party entered their reception area with "istep som'shado" (wedding dance). And after that, more dancing was witnessed in between the eating and speeches. 

The second part of the ceremony, the bridal crew went to change into their red tradition attires. And as per tradition, parts of the cake were handed to the two families as a way of honouring them.  As the sun set, and another wedding was done and dusted, the couple said they were feeling great and 'relieved'. With that, Mr and Mrs Msibi dubbed their day as their "perfect, perfect, perfect wedding".