Psychic medium Cindy Kruger. Picture: Supplied
Psychic medium Cindy Kruger. Picture: Supplied

By the time Spirit ends on FOX Life, South Africa’s Cindy Kruger will have grown on audiences in the same way that Henry Tyler (Hollywood Medium) and Theresa Caputo (Long Island Medium) have. The show starts on Wednesday.

A warm-hearted person, I caught up with Kruger at a coffee shop in Johannesburg’s popular hangout spot at 44 Stanley.

It’s been a day of many interviews, with more planned after out chat, too. But she was the epitome of relaxed.

This 38-year-old psychic medium left behind a successful career in the corporate world to answer her calling.

Having studied travel and tourism as well as public relations, she wasn’t without offers in her fields of expertise. But she was destined for a different path, which she embraced after a car accident.

Her first reading was for her mum. But her natural ability to crossover revealed itself when she was a young girl.

Cindy Kruger. PIcture: Supplied

She recalls, “It was prominent from about 8. I could see white visions of energy coming through. My mum and dad would often ask me who I was talking to at 11 and 12 at night. I would say it was the angles on my bed. 

Throughout my childhood, I would pick up on things. I remember refusing to go into the dining room at our new house because a ghost was sitting there.

“In my 20s, my grandmother passed away. That was when I got to do a majority of the crossovers and connect. Back then, all I wanted to do, though, was to climb the corporate ladder. At the time, I knew I had a gift but I didn’t understand it.”

After following her head and her heart, the push for her to embrace her gift arrived.

How do her readings work?

Kruger reveals, “Initially, I would just start. But then I started asking if there was anyone in particular that a person wants to connect with. Sometimes other people come through in the reading.”

Often, people are looking to heal and get closure. “Once I deliver the message, they are always welcome to ask follow-up questions,” she adds.

There’s a lot of responsibility on Kruger, especially in how she conveys the messages coming through. And it is something she is mindful of.

She does have one rule though - she never reveals a death. Kruger explains, “I will not tell you if I see a death coming. Why would you want to place it on someone’s shoulders. My line of work is more about healing and upliftment.”

With Spirit being her first TV show, her excitement levels were offset by her nervousness. But she eventually found her rhythm as did her guests.

Sceptics are par for the course.

Kruger responds, “I’m probably not going to be everyone’s cup of tea but I don’t choose to be everyone’s cup of tea.”

There are a plenty of tearjerker moments in this locally-produced show, so be sure to keep the tissues within arm’s reach.

Spirit airs on FOX Life (DStv channel 126) on Wednesday at 7.55pm.