Moshe Ndiki. Picture: Twitter

This latest episode of 'Uyang'thanda Na' gave a lot of singletons hope that they too will meet their future baes.

2018 has only began and Moshe Ndiki is already 'doing the most' in the industry. 

From reigning as Prince, Harriet’s new PA in the soapie 'The Queen' to reigning in the new season #UyangthandaNa? - the YouTube sensation turned TV star killed it last night when he took over as the new host of the dating show on DSTV's Mzansi Magic channel 161.

So, this is what the show does, if you have a crush on someone and you’re too scared to confront them, you get in touch with Ndiki and his crew and they will help you ask the question,  #UyangthandaNa?, which loosely translates, do you love me?

Last night we met Sibusiso from Soweto, who’s been crushing on his friend Evelyn for a while now.

Evelyn was rather disappointed when she first saw who Sibusiso as she said she was expecting someone else.

“I nearly went back, I wasn't expecting him,” said the mother of two from Alex.

Evelyn who seemed less interested suddenly had a change of heart after Sibusiso professed his undying love on national television. After Evelyn said yes the pair sealed the deal with a kiss.

This left a lot of viewers shocked at the turn of events.

Evelyn said she’s an independent woman and she loves Sibusiso and it doesn't matter if he’s unemployed.

“All I need is for him to love me and the kids, I don't care about the money, I'm an independent woman.”

And the viewers loved the new host: Sibusiso is proof that one can actually escape the friendzone:  IOL