Ramone and Fiona will be on Saving our Marriage

SABC3’s local reality show, "Saving Our Marriage" is set to debut on August 15 at 7.30pm.

The hour-long marriage coaching show will focus on five couples in a bid to build a healthy and loving marriage. The pairs will be put through intense counselling and tasks by experts in the field, Paul Nyamuda and Ilze Alberts and occasionally other experts will be called in to discuss financial or general life issues.

Professionally Nyamuda is an organisational psychologist, relationship coach and has a successful executive coaching business. His passion is unlocking greatness in individuals, couples, teams and organizations. He is an associate lecturer at leading business schools where he is recognized as an expert in leadership and emotional intelligence. In relationships he equips couples with new vision, teaching them how to break barriers to a successful and fruitful relationship.

Ilze has established her authority as a human behaviour expert by writing thousands and thousands of words. Her words appear in books, articles, blogs, newsletters, magazines, newspapers and on the Internet.

Themes that "Saving Our Marriage" will address include communication, working through what we don’t like about our partner, money and how careers impact on marriages.

Here’s a sneak preview into episode 1:

In this episode we meet our three couples and two experts who will be part of the Saving our Marriage journey.  Before going into the house, they have to tell their friends and family about their decision to be part of the process of working on the health of their marriages.  

When the couple’s first enter the Saving our Marriage house, they meet our experts individually so that Paul and Ilze can understand what their challenges are and the depth of their situation.  After which, they take part in a group session, where Paul introduces them to the Apology Conversation which is the first step in their 13 step programme. 

 This episode ends on a high note, as couples are made aware of what they have done to contribute to the breakdown of their marriage.  They are also given a task, which is to go home, and sincerely apologies for all the wrongs they have done.