Kenny and Pretty Mhlongo's perfect wedding. Picture: Twitter

"Our Perfect Wedding" took us to Thulamahashe in Mpumalanga on Sunday where Kenny Mhlongo (32) and Pretty Sibuyi (31) were getting ready to tie the knot. 

The pair met at Kenny's brother's braai in 2004, only to find that his girlfriend and Pretty were related. 

That didn't sit well with the rest of the family members, especially Pretty's mother. 

And because love ruled her heart (and possibly her mind) Pretty would sleep over at Kenny's place and according to the mother she wouldn't do household duties anymore. 

After being chased out of the house in 2005 for her unruly behaviour, the happy couple started living together. Kenny was advised by his father to put lobola money aside to pay off the damage caused. 

During their stay together, for two years the couple couldn't have a baby. That's when thier families started talking badly about them. And to make matters worse, Kenny had a child from a previous relationship before they had their first child in 2008. 

"When I found out that he had a child with someone else, it didn't sit well with me. Our life became unhappy," said Pretty.

With forgiveness and perseverance, the duo said they invited South Africa to witness their wedding as evidence that relationships have challenges, but that people shouldn't give up and stay strong. 

Kenny and Pretty Mhlongo's perfect wedding. Picture: Twitter

The couple got married on Pretty's birthday.

On their special day, Kenny wore a blue Chinese collar three-piece suit, with black buttons.

Pretty wore an asymmetrical ballgown dress with flower detailing on the front, paired with Converse sneakers. 

And it seems her makeup choice became tweep's main focus. 

Many didn't understand it, to say the least, but all that mattered was the bride felt beautiful right? And the groom thought so too. 

"When she walked in, I couldn't recognise her. I was blown away," said Kenny.

The bridesmaids wore blue taffeta dresses with silver shoes.

Kenny and Pretty Mhlongo's perfect wedding. Picture: Twitter

Off to their wedding reception and there seemed to be a misunderstanding with the decor.

The decor supplier did the all decor at the church and said they were meant to do a half decor for the reception. The half decor was so confusing that it had Kayise giggling. 

The half decor was for 150 people but more people pitched because Kenny is a "famous guy", said the groom speaking about himself. 

Kenny and Pretty Mhlongo's perfect wedding. Picture: Twitter

But even with half decor, the supplier seemed to struggle that Kayise had to help out.

"Let's just say the decor was just okay, but not like the church. I was expecting that at the reception it would look even nicer," said Kenny. 

Upon arrival, the couple had already changed into their traditional wear.

Kenny and Pretty Mhlongo's perfect wedding. Picture: Twitter

And even with things didn't go as planned the famous Kenny and his now wife believe that their wedding was as perfect as can be.