Mr and Mrs Ledwaba. Picture: Twitter

If you've never gotten the opportunity to travel the whole of South Africa, do not fear when Our Perfect Wedding is near. The show will expose you to places you've never even heard of. 

Case in point, this past Sunday we were taken to Mpumalanga's small dorpie Amersfoort, to witness the union of Calvin Ledwaba (45) and Nonhlanhla Khumalo (31).

The two met at a mall when Nonhlanhla was out with her friends and Calvin went to buy office stationery. "while doing my shopping I decided to sit for a while and relax. Then I saw this lovely lady and decided to try my luck," said Calvin.

They exchanged numbers and continued their communication via phone calls.

Prior to their meeting, Calvin had been single for 13 months after losing his wife. 

"I was shocked when Calvin proposed but I happy as well because that had never happened to me before," said Nonhlanhla.

Somizi and his bae are engaged!

Nonhlanhla was clear about what she wanted. "he didn't buy a ring, and I always said if he was to marry me, he should do it properly. I didn't want to be stuck with a ring for 10 years," she said.

It was the groom's idea to invite OPW because he wanted to show the whole world.

Mr and Mrs Ledwaba. Picture: Twitter

On their wish list, the couple wanted to see things sail smoothly with their decor, the wedding gown and groom's suit.

Speaking of decor, their chosen colours were dusty pink for the ladies and maroon and white for the gents. The couple also wanted a glass theme, with a touch of pink.

The wedding planner had zero chill when she said she is only catering for 100 people. If you bring a friend, y'all will share a chair. LOL!

The bride had two white dresses made for her, with the second one being a surprise for the groom as they had chosen the main design together. 

The first dress was specifically chosen because it accentuates her figure, something most brides seem to be drawn to when buying dresses. The gown was in a mermaid style and with lots of glitter. 

Her bridesmaid's wore matching dusty pink dresses while groomsmen wore maroon suits, white shirts and pink bow ties.

The groom wore a check maroon suit with black trimming and was sown from scratch by the wedding planner. She took care of all outfits (both dresses and the suit) plus the decor, while also making sure that everything goes well. Talk about Jack of all trades, master of everything.

The groom had to make us feel how expensive his taste is by counting how much he wore, in total costing R 23 500. (Skhothe) Lick us, we are your ice cream Ntate Ledwaba.

And how awkward was it when the pastor said to the groom, "God gave you a rod, use it." I mean. What? Shook.

The wedding party had to be excused from the ceremony because the bride can't get to the Ledwaba headquarters after dark, in Limpopo.

Day two of the weekend wedding was a special one. There was even a stage erected, with Calvin dubbing the day as real wedding day. "yesterday was just a warm up," he said.

The program director was comedian SchoolBoy and performances came from Janisto and CK, a popular Limpopo act.

The wedding party was transported in limo rides to take their pictures before the wedding reception took place. The day wouldn't be complete without the Sepedi dancers.

Changing into their traditional attire, the couple wore white with touches of traditional patterns.

After the most eventful wedding in the history of OPW, the couple was exhausted and equally happy. To top it all up, hubby surprised wifey with a honeymoon trip to Mauritius.  

This was definitely their perfect wedding and everybody say... Amen!