Mpume Maduna and Khumbulani Gumede on Our Perfect Wedding. Picture: Twitter

On Sunday night's episode of Our Perfect Wedding persistence was the ingredient that got Mpume Maduna, 35, and Khumbulani Gumede, 34, to finally say I do.  

The couple met in 2007 while Mpume was doing her in-service training.

Khumbulani pursued Mpume for a long time but she wasn't impressed by him. 

"I was disappointed but I didn't give up, I was very persistent," says Khumbulani.

When he finally won her heart, six months into the relationship, he took it to the next level by introducing her to his mother and suggested the start of the lobola negotiations.

However, in 2015, Khumbulani lost his mother due to an illness and because the Gumede family didn't have any daughters-in-law, they had to ask Mpume's mother's permission for Mpume to mourn her mother-in-law. 

"The whole situation was just very difficult for me, and I had to go through the entire process of mourning her death," commented Mpume.

With all that behind them, the couple decided to proceed with the wedding preparations.

The couple said the reason they invited Our Perfect Wedding is to show their friends and everyone the love they have for each other and how much they want to be a family. 

On the wedding day, Khumbulani said he felt like a king in his royal blue suit, while Mpume felt like a princess in her sleeveless off-white ball gown. 

And with both of them having had lost a parent, Mpume's father and Khumbulani's mother, the day was very emotional for both of them. 

This included Khumbulani's older brother who said,  "I'm so happy to see you finally getting married. You're now Mr and Mrs Gumede. All I have to say is that, may we continue as a loving and caring family. 

Because there's nothing Mpume doesn't know about our family. Even when our mother got sick and passed on, and we were left alone, she was there. So I welcome you to our family, " said Sibusiso Gumede. 

After their vows, speeches, pictures and food the couple shared their first dance together before everyone headed to the dance floor for a huge party.