Joshua and Lilly Munghedzi. Picture: Twitter
Joshua and Lilly Munghedzi. Picture: Twitter

#OPW: Joshua wins Lilly's heart with 'expensive avocados'

By Amanda Maliba Time of article published Oct 8, 2018

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This week's 'Our Perfect Wedding' took us to Brits, in the North West, for Joshua (41) and Lilly Munghedzi's (35) wedding. 

The couple met in 2001 when Lilly still sold avocados on the street and Joshua would buy a lot of them at a higher price, which surprised Lilly. But little did Lilly know that he was eyeing her.

"According to me, we were already in a relationship because of how I felt and how I acted. I felt that one day something would happen between us," said Joshua. 

His first wedding proposal was turned down because Lilly felt she was too young because she was still in school. 

However, that didn't faze Joshua because he knew she was the one, he tried again, with his father's blessings and won her over. 

Through their relationship journey, distance could not kill their love, as Joshua had to leave for Johannesburg for three years to work and could only returning home to visit on the rare occasion. 

Through all of that, Joshua promised his wife a grand wedding and this past Sunday their grand wedding came to fruition. 

"I'll be pulling out all the stops. This is the wedding I promised my bride and today the show will broadcasting our wedding to the world," said Joshua.

Come wedding day, Joshua wore a black suit, white shirt and a bowtie, recommended by his pastor. 

The bride wore a vintage-inspired dress with gloves, while her bridesmaids wore long vintage-inspired dresses too, paired also with gloves and white straw hats. 

According to Lilly, the chosen dresses were to show respect and to dignify the ladies. 

Her maid of honour wore a grey version of the dress while the other bridesmaids wore peach coloured dresses. 

Their wedding was as unique as their outfits, dubbed a Christian wedding. 

At their matrimonial ceremony, the couple exchanged their vows to each other but not the rings, which is set to happen at "an appropriate time", according to the officiate. 

"We have our own way of conducting the ceremony. We know on the wedding day, the couple exchanges rings but we won't be doing that," explained Joshua. 

And just like that, the couple headed out to their reception area, where guests were afforded the time to give their gifts publicly, before enjoying the food and took pictures. 

The couple later changed into their second outfits, a peach dress for Lilly and a peach shirt for Joshua and thereafter shared their wedding cake with guests. 

And just like that, Joshau and Lilly's unique Christian wedding was dubbed their perfect wedding. 

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