Charles Ramasehla-Mashile and Portia Chichava's "Perfect Wedding". Picture: Twitter
Charles Ramasehla-Mashile and Portia Chichava's "Perfect Wedding". Picture: Twitter

#OPW: Love can be found anywhere — even in a taxi

By Amanda Maliba Time of article published Oct 29, 2018

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Sunday, we witnessed Charles Ramasehla-Mashile, 49, and Portia Chichava's, 37, love journey on "Our Perfect Wedding". 

The couple, who share three children, met back in 1997 when Portia took a ride in Charles' taxi. Weeks later, Charles professed his love for her and their love journey began. 

Though they were faced with challenges along the way, the wanted to showcase their love to the world.

"The reason why we took time (to get married after getting engaged in 2010) was that when we initially set a date two years back, our families weren't agreeing on certain things. So we stopped the wedding," she said. 

But even before that, another situation that challenged their union, was when Portia fell pregnant two years into their relationship. This put a strain on her relationship with her mother because it was out of wedlock and she was carrying a  married man's child.

Portia explained that when she met him, he had already left his wife, but seeing how Portia's relationship with her mother was deteriorating, Charles went to ask for forgiveness from the family and paid lobola.

"She is my fortress and has supported me in everything. I knew she was a Godsend," he said.

On their special day, their wedding ceremony lasted a total of five hours due to various elements. One of those being the gift display done by the bride's family. 

Walking into the church, the bride and groom had to walk in together because of church rules — which included not kissing in front of their elders.

As per the bride's culture, the bride and groom had to wander around the church while being endowed with money.

"I am not a churchgoer. I only started going to church after I met her so this is all new to me," explained Charles. 

After all the formalities, including throwing of the bouquet, couples dancing and eating, the couple's second wedding was staged at the groom's home where the bride was welcomed.

When she arrived, an exchange was done between the two families, which included. The money was then attached to a stick before all festivities took place.

"They welcomed me well. They were happy for me. The whole family was happy," said Portia. 

Very soon after the bride was welcomed into the groom's family, another gift exchange took place before the couple changed into their traditional attire. At the end of the festivities, the couple dubbed their day as a "perfect, perfect wedding".


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