Katlego Pule and Pearl Scott. Picture: Twitter

Sunday's episode of "Our Perfect Wedding" showed traces of the rainbow nation that the late Nelson Mandela fought for. 

Labelled as the "born free couple", Katlego Pule, 23, and Pearl Scott, 24, both from Rustenburg are a multiracial couple who met in 2013.

Pearl admitted that she was not interested in Katlego at first, because he was a player. But Katlego was persistent in his pursuit, even said a prayer for God to intervene.

"My exact words were, 'Dear God in heaven. I know you are great. You do great things, You do miracles. Hand me this miracle'," he said.

Their relationship kicked off in April of 2014 after Katlrgo's mother prayed "for a white daughter-in-law". 

"I use to speak that unto his life", said the groom's mother, Olga Pule.

The couple, who share two children, say they have had their fair share of societal judgement.

"Not everyone is accepting, especially having multiracial kids. We get weird looks, weird comments and stuff like that quite often," said Pearl.

One particular incident that Katlego recalled was when a random guy approached her at a mall basement and asked her if she needs help.
"He was asking as if he had kidnapped me," she added.

Now the born free couple want their wedding to be televised to change mindsets and show that being in a multiracial union is possible, said Katlego. 
"Love overcomes it all," said Pearl. 

One unique thing they did was allow the lobola negotiations to take place, to accommodate both families and as a respect thing for Pearl.

And in the spirit of celebrating cultures, Pearl and Katlego were paraded in the streets with their Setswana tradition gear. 

The second part of the programme, the white wedding, happened at a venue. The chosen colours were red and blue, with wooden chairs and Protea flowers as the centrepieces on the tables. 

Their wedding day, Pearl wore a boob-tube white dress and Katlego a blue suit. Her bridesmaids wore red infinity dresses while the groomsmen matching with the groom, with red ties. 

The wedding norm is that the bride is always late right? Not this time, as Katlego was the one late because he had forgotten his toiletry bag, the rings, the bow ties and the suspenders.

But when they finally walked down the aisle, Katlego could not keep the tears at bay. After their vows, the kiss and ululating, the party was moved to the reception area, accompanied by a brass band.

During his speech, the MC Dickson Mseleke revealed a secret.  "I am a bit honoured and privileged to be here. But I thought to myself, why me? I mean, I an alcoholic. This guy trusts me with such a big event. Why? And it hit me that ohhh me and Katlego, same whatsapp group. Alcoholics." 

Katlego admitted that he does drink a lot.  

Despite the awkward speech, families were welcomed into each other's homes via speeches, bouquet thrown and the bride got her dance with her father to a specific song, before dancing with her now husband.

And in the end, Pearl and Katlego were one as Mr and Mrs Pule, and concluded that this was their perfect wedding.