This week's couple Mzwandile and Vuyelwa. Photo: [email protected]
In Sunday's episode of Our Perfect Wedding we were introduced to the "disciplinarian and perfectionist" Mzwandile Mrabe, 38, and his bride Vuyelwa Mothibedi Maqala, 29, from  Ficksburg in the Free State. 

The groom,  Mzwandile,  hates tardiness but was faced with his fair share on his wedding day: the make-up artist got a puncture, the dressmaker was late and so was the pastor, who had to commute two from Bloemfontein to perform the ceremony.

"The pastor's lateness was our fault. My phone was off and I couldn't find it, while he was waiting for us to call to tell him to come," explained Vuyelwa. 

Oh yes, the groomsmen were late,  too.  

"I was not happy that my groomsmen were late, and weren't a complete party. It was just chaos, " recalls Mzwandile. 

The couple met in court years ago, when Vuyelwa's dad was involved in a case that was being handled by Mzwandile, but it was not "love at first" — or not for the bride at least. 

When Mzwandile saw her among the many women in the courtroom, something told him to keep his eyes on her. 

Vuyelwa, on the other hand, was not interested at first. When she was invited to visit him in Bloemfontein, she lied saying she is in a taxi, only to switch off her phone. She just wasn't into him. But that didn't faze Mzwandile.

"I knew that eventually, she would be mine," he said all smiles.

Fast-forward to their special day, with all the delays — and OPW offering their own makeup artist to the bride —  the show went on.

Vuyelwa wore a sweetheart, ballgown dress with gold shoes and bridesmaids wore dusty pink dresses, while the groom wore a navy blue suit with a pink tie. 

The bridesmaids were transported on bikes to the church for the matrimonial, where they still had to wait for the pastor. 

"I wanted everything to go according to as planned but I just decided to calm down. I had to suppress one of my principles of punctuality, suppress it until further notice," he added.

When they finally got to walk down the aisle, they made it count. "When I saw her approaching, I wanted to cry," said the groom.

After exchanging vows from their hearts, it was time to kiss the bride, but the couple couldn't go through with it, and much to the pastor's disappointment. 

"I didn't come all this way to see you hug each other."

They just felt it was disrespectful to the adults, kissing in their presence. But it is a wedding after all, isn't it?

Off to their reception venue, decorated with touches of pink and a lot of white, the day was filled with singing, tears, food and lots of dancing.

Though their day was filled with potholes, they still celebrated their perfect and anointed wedding. 

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