Cabo Mnguni and Abraham Makhuga on Our Perfect Wedding. Picture: Twitter

Cabo Mnguni, 45, and Abraham Makhuga, 55, both from Mtubatuba, in Kwa-Zulu Natal, met in 1993 with the promise that Abraham will have the last word with her. Meaning in the end, he will marry her. 

Their rollercoaster romance began when Abraham was on a mission, looking for Cabo's brother and couldn't help but notice this beautiful girl.

He tried professing his love but Cabo didn't take it well and that was the last they saw each other until 1997. 

Cabo went to college and Abraham got a hold of her landline and for three years, he called her at exactly 16:00.

"I would get so irritated with him as he kept saying he would have the final say," she said.

The pair lost contact again. Another investigation made way for them to find each other. In 2003, a break-in occurred at the school Cabo worked at and that's how he found her again but she was married. 

"And I said to her tough luck, you have to get a divorce," said Abraham.

And it sure did happen. Around almost the same time, the duo divorced their significant others and that was a sign for Abraham that he will definitely have the last say.

They found love and happiness with each other, according to Cabo's son. Inviting OPW to their wedding was to teach young ladies a lesson. "In life, they should stop being tolerant of circumstances that are futile. Circumstances that will end up killing you."

"People should stop being tolerant, they should live their lives. You only have one life and if you don't live it then it's over for you," she said.

The bride wore a glittery white dress with a crown. 

Abraham clearly doesn't look at price tags and he believes in picking whatever you love no matter the price. That is why he bought his wife the most expensive ring in the jewellery shop and the most expensive wedding gown. Her ring has 97 diamonds.

Their chosen wedding colours were dusty pink and gold and the bridesmaids adhered to the theme. 

The groom spoiled himself too, with a suit from Italy, and his groomsmen wore blue suits with a touch of gold. 

Walking down the aisle in their outside matrimonial area, the groom said Cabo was totally different," she was so beautiful. 

The eyelashes, makeup and everything. I was confused," he said blushing. 

After that beautiful moment, off to their wedding reception area, where they had a surprise singing from the church's group. Different sections of the cake were handed over to the families and instead of throwing the bouquet, Cabo handed the flowers to her sister who is unmarried and has never been married. 

The gift ceremony took place under the stars, with singing and more celebrations.