Jordan and Venita Silindane. Picture: OPW/Twitter

Whoever said marriage has a cut off date clearly has never met 81-year-old Jordan Silindane and 79-year-old Venita Silindane, from Rosettenville, in Johannesburg.

The diamond couple met in 1954, during their youth, when letters were still a thing when asking a girl out. That is what Jordan did, via three letters, but received no response.

"On that one fateful day, my brother and I saw her walking the street and I stopped her. Back then, we used to act like thugs when approaching a girl. But I didn't, I was kind because I loved her," explained Jordan.

From her side, Venita thought the letters came from the older men from the church across the street. "When I got those letters, I had never seen him where he used to go to church." 

Venita eventually agreed to his proposal, and the couple wed in 1958.

On Sunday's episode of "Our Perfect Wedding",  the couple reflected on 64 years of a love-filled journey, and also celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary by renewing their wedding vows. 

And who better to lead us through this journey than the Gomorrah Diva, presenter Nomsa Buthelezi, who returned to our screens while Kayise takes a break. 

Jordan said that "anybody can reach 60 years in marriage because God sustains".

Jordan, a retired pastor, wore a suit he used to officiate in while marrying others off, dubbing it 'the magic suit'. And keeping with their Indian-cultured theme, the makoti wore a long white dress with gold embroidery on the top half and by the hems. 

"When I saw her she looked exquisite. She is perfect and is the woman I loved before and still love to this day," said Jordan.

The couple renewed their vows, committing their love for each other yet again. 

"The same joy I had when we first got married overcame me," he added. 

But as a Sabbath-observing family, the celebrations had to be reserved for Sunday, where their reception would take place. 

The couple were led into their classic decorated hall that held so much meaning. To celebrate their 60th anniversary, symbolised as the year of diamonds, with a lot of sparkles, old books, candelabras, lace and silver all around.

To add the old with the new, their first original marriage certificate, which was handwritten, was put on display along with some old pictures of when they were still young, to give the experience of who they were back then. 

"I am overjoyed. My heart is full. My first wedding celebration wasn't like this. This one has really filled me with joy," exclaimed Jordan. 

And with that, OPW's first ever diamond couple agreed that this was indeed "Our Perfect Wedding".