The couple met in 2013 at Agnes' brother's laundromat and right then and there, Victor met the love of his life. Picture: OPW/Twitter

When Agnes Molefe, 48, thought finding love wouldn't be possible for her, is when she met her husband Victor Riba, 54. 

The pair, who featured on Sunday's episode of "Our Perfect Wedding," showed Mzansi that love is still possible even in one’s mature years, and that all it takes is persistence and patience with what you love.

The couple met in 2013 at Agnes' brother's laundromat and right then and there, Victor knew he met the love of his life.

"But you know how women are, they give you the runaround", he said.

A year later the couple lost contact due to Agnes moving away, all the while Victor still kept the faith that they their paths will cross again because he loved her.

And it sure did, when they met by chance and Victor promising to never let the opportunity pass him by again. With five grown children between them, the couple took a plunge.

According to her daughter Kgomotso Molefe, before her mother my Victor, he life wasn't a happy one because she was always lonely.

"We made her happy too, but not as much as Victor did," she added.

Victor's proposal was not a surprise trick but a straightforward proposal, he explained. On her birthday, the bride price was paid

They invited OPW because they want to show people to never judge themselves thinking they will never get married because of age, and to celebrate love that always wins.

On their special day, Agnes wore a white mermaid feather dress while her bridesmaids wore royal blue elegant dresses with silver shoes. Our groom wore grey and blue while his groomsmen wore navy blue.

And while the couple planned their day to the T, minor potholes crept in to almost ruin their special day.

1. Agnes lost the belt to her white dress
2. The car that was meant to transport makoti delayed them
3. The decorators were late to start decorating the tent.

Nevertheless, the day had to go on as they found ways around the issues. Their matrimonial was staged at a garden venue, where the couple exchanged their vows, rings and sharing the sealing kiss, which Victor said is his favourite part.

After the speeches, food and drinks were served - the couple changed into their first rather peculiar looking traditional attire, which was animal skin inspired gear, before taking to the streets to dance.

Their traditional wedding day 2 was hosted at the groom’s home, where Agnes was to be led into the Riba household in her white dress.

The mandatory gift ceremony was done, thereafter the couple got to change into their second denim inspired traditional attires - with yet another peculiar twist of pocket designs in front for the men.

By the end of the day, the exhausted were joint in holy matrimony and dubbed their day as their "best perfect wedding".