PK's torch was doused as he left the island.

Mining Technician, PK, became the unlucky 13th Castaway to be voted off :Survivor South Africa: Philippines" on Thursday night – but he’ll be gleefully watching the results of the seeds of chaos he planted at Araw, from his vantage point on the Jury.

We spoke to PK soon after his dismissal:

Why did you decide to enter Survivor SA?

For three reasons: firstly to challenge myself, secondly, I’ve always been a fan of the show, so to get an opportunity to take part was a highlight in my life and thirdly, for the money! Who doesn’t want R1 million?

How did you prepare Survivor?

I physically trained my body and I rewatched episodes of "Survivor" to try and pick up ways to play. I also tried to make a fire, which I failed at. It was only on the island that I learned how to make a fire, now I am a master. Something that I should have focussed more on, is building puzzles. That was not my strongest point.   

What was your strategy going into the game?

Phase one was to align with an alpha male. So if there was any move I wanted to make I’d tell him and he would carry it out with the rest of the group without him knowing. Then phase two, as the game moved along, I evolved and started to make big moves, like blindsiding Tevin. And I didn’t get a chance to play out my phase three.

What did you learn while on Survivor SA?

I learned that you do not have to eat to have a source of energy. I went so long without food, but the energy came from within. I also knew that going into the game there will be lies and deceit, but to see it happen right in front of you is worse.   

Did you anticipate being voted off the island?

Yes, me being voted off was a long time coming. I knew that eventually my lifeline would run out so I was not shocked.  

Any regrets?

As I continue watching "Survivor," looking at myself play the game, I think that there are a few things I would have done differently to improve my game, one being swapping my biltong and beer for the advantage in the challenge.  

What was the first thing you did when you got home?

I called my family and friends. I missed them a lot. I also ate a bowl of cereal. I really missed that too.