Cindy Kruger. Picture: Supplied

The first psychic medium I encountered on television was popular media personality and author John Edward.

I remember watching his show, Crossing Over with John Edward. I was amazed by this American guy who claimed to have the ability to communicate with the dead.

In each episode, viewers would watch in awe as Edward showcased his gift and connected with the afterlife, relaying messages to his studio guests from their loved ones who had passed on.

It was with some trepidation that I accepted the invitation for a set visit for the new locally produced reality show, Spirit, set to air on Fox Life next month.
Hosted by psychic medium Cindy Kruger, the show aims to enlighten people about the work psychics do.

“Our main aim is to bring healing to South Africa and across Africa. We also want to educate people, to change perceptions and bring messages of peace,” says Kruger.

The setting was the serene, picturesque Melody Hill Retreat, nestled in the Magaliesburg mountains. The trip there took us through some breathtaking scenery as we encountered farms with cattle, rivers and forests. But a sense of unease about our final destination persisted. 

Cindy Kruger. Picture: Supplied

We all wondered if Kruger would randomly select one person and start reading them, like we see with Theresa Caputo on her show Long Island Medium on TLC. Caputo will walk into a supermarket or restaurant and start “reading” people, giving them messages from their late loved ones. 

Our host, however, reassured us that Kruger would be reading only two specified people who would be appearing on the show. Ready for their “crossing-over” moment were flamboyant Nigerian media personality and Lip Sync battle Africa co-host Denrele Edun, and South African television presenter and businesswoman Boity Thulo.

The sessions were intense. Viewers can expect tears and shocking revelations.

Boity is a traditional healer, so we waited in great anticipation to witness the Western-meets-African tradition.

Boity had brought along her mother, Modiehi Thulo, and all I’m going to say is: bring a box of tissues.

We witnessed amazing things, such as Kruger burping and speaking in Zulu; it doesn’t get any more real than this. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. 
Spirit debuts on March 7 on Fox Life, DStv Channel 126, and will see Kruger perform live readings with celebrities and ordinary folks.


Kruger is known for making guest appearances on various radio stations across South Africa, including Power FM, Radio Today and Lotus FM. She shed some light on the nature of her gift.

How does the psychic process work?
This gift came to me around eight years old, so from then to now, the gift has certainly changed. I would describe it as vibrations of what I’m sensing, so it’s everything from your feeling, sensing, through visions of physically seeing and hearing them (spirit or ancestors) and, a lot of times, signs. It’s also knowing, you can always sense energies around you.

What do you do in a case of getting both negative and positive energy? 
You always yield to positive and negative energies. When dealing with positive energy, it feels wonderful and you can sense it immediately. As fast as you can sense the positive, you can sense the negative energy; it’s your the choice to entertain it or disregard it.

What advice would you give to someone when they encounter a spirit?
Don’t be afraid when you encounter a spirit. Sometimes you can sense or feel spirit. People describe it as shadows, light or sensations. Remember, fear attracts negative energy, so my advice is always remember your love of praying and the love of protection and meditation. 

Normally a spirit never wants to connect with you for anything negative.

* 'Spirit' premieres on Wednesday, March 7 at 7:55pm on Fox Life, Channel 126.