Naledi Williers. Picture: Supplied
"The Real Housewives of Johannesburg" follows the lives of six glamorous ladies living their best lives in the City of Gold. 

Flashy cars, diamonds, designer shoes and bags, it’s all about being fabulous, and of course, the drama that ensues between them all.

IOL chats to one of the show's favourites, model and former beauty queen Naledi Willers, known as the wife of the successful club and radio DJ, Quinton ‘Naked DJ’ Masina. Willers, who was raised in a village in Botswana, said she appreciates her strict upbringing.

“Growing up was always interesting being a mixed child. I have a white South African father and black Motswana mother, and my mother was strict, really strict. Back chat and you are in trouble, but I appreciate that she was like that because it really made me a disciplined person,” she says.

Willers, who was crowned as the second princess in Miss Botswana, said that although she was asked to be on reality TV before and declined, RHOJ producers convinced her otherwise this time around. 

“I am actually a very private person, so I never considered doing something like this at all. I needed a little convincing, but with the support of my family, I said yes,” she said.

Willers is currently a law student and although the RHOJ cameras did not document her every move, getting used to them being around was a challenge. “It’s funny because I could be having a conversation with one other person, but I am really not because there are cameramen around, sound guys and even lighting guys. So that took some getting used to,” says Willers.

“Our schedules are plotted so that there is order but nothing is scripted and we are not told what to say or how to act. As far as I know, I have no problems with the other ladies, but we could discover new things as we watch the rest of the season,” she adds.

* Catch "The Real Housewives of Johannesburg" every Friday at 7pm on 1Magic DStv Channel 103.