Relebogile Mabotja. Picture: Instagram

South Africa has a penchant for latching onto American and European TV franchises and attempting to make them their own. It often works out only for the first season but after that, audiences begin to lose interest.

Think about it, can you remember who the last "The Voice SA" winner was? Or which year Khaya Mthethwa was on "Idols"? Usually, the contestants have to go on to do other things for people to take them seriously. Even with that said, if used correctly, these music competition shows can be a stepping stone for bigger opportunities.

Actress and radio DJ, Relebogile Mabotja, is doing things differently, though. She is going behind the scenes to make sure "The Remix SA" has a chance at keeping the attention of audiences beyond the first season. 

"The Remix SA" will see 10 group of threes - each made up of a DJ, a singer and someone who plays an instrument - go head to head to win a grand prize. 

Relebogile has been announced as the show’s musical director, and will have the fun task of directing all musical aspects that go into giving each group a fair shot at the prize.