"Meet The Frasers" will premier on E! on January 17.
Picture: Instagram
"Meet The Frasers" will premier on E! on January 17. Picture: Instagram

Sit in on a session with the dead in 'Meet the Frasers' on E!

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published Feb 6, 2020

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Psychic medium Matt Fraser and his loud and proud family get a spot on E! this February. 

The Rhode Island resident’s reality show “Meet The Frasers” starts on February 17 and fans will get an inside look at his crazy lifestyle which includes, his overbearing mother, skeptic father, crazy girlfriend, pets cats and the rest of his over the top family. 

In the show, the 28-year-old juggles interpersonal communication in this realm and beyond. 

“My psychic ability started when I was about three or four years old. I would go to bed at night and hear voices. It would scare me and I’d cover my head with the sheets. Later I realised that I had this calling - but the more I ignored it, the worse it became. My grandmother and my mother had it and now it’s passed down to me,” said Fraser in a telephonic interview.  

He said the show has been an incredible journey with a lot of unfiltered moments that can sometimes make you feel awkward.  

“My family aren’t TV stars, so at first having a bunch of people follow us around was weird - but a few minutes in, it was like they didn’t exist. What you see is what you get. And it gets very real. We’re a very unfiltered family,” he said. 

Fraser said originally his dad did not want to do the show, but came around. 

“My dad is my biggest skeptic. He didn’t understand my ability. He was very closed to it, because he was in the Navy for 21 years so he didn’t see me grow up with this. It has reached a point where he is opening up to it, which is great. My sister still doesn’t believe in it and that’s okay,” he said.

Talking about his ability to communicate with the dead, he said it is a very draining but an important gift to have. 

“I was an emergency technician but I had to quit to take on this because the calling was just too strong. It takes a toll on your body and it’s mentally draining, but I love it. Delivering messages from the other side fulfills people who have been looking for closure from their loved ones who have passed on,” he said. 

He said he has a lot of clients from South Africa who have contacted him for readings. 

“My top fans on Facebook are from South Africa. I get a lot of clients that phone me for reading from there. I also started my blog posts because of people in South Africa,” said Fraser.  

In season one of “Meet The Frasers” he said that viewers will get to experience his family first hand and get insight into his day to day life as an everyday American and a psychic medium. 

* “Meet the Frasers” premieres on Monday, February 17 at 8pm on E!

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