Sorisha Naidoo dodges the reality show drama with family trip to the Maldives

Sorisha Naidoo. Picture: Intagram

Sorisha Naidoo. Picture: Intagram

Published Mar 31, 2023


The latest episode of popular Showmax reality show “The Real Housewives of Durban” left many viewers side-eyeing their favourite - Sorisha Naidoo.

During the latest episode, instead of confirming what Sane had told her, Sorisha kind of covered for her and, as such, saw the lie take on a life of its own.

Blame it on the editing or not, but viewers were wondering why Sorisha didn’t have Annie’s back in that moment or even Nonku’s as she was thrown under the bus defending Jojo during the argument.

Leaving the drama and outrage behind, Sorisha took to Instagram to share that she was going on holiday with hubby Vivian Reddy and her children.

In her caption, she did not hold back the shade regarding the latest comments on the episode, insinuating that people do not know the bigger picture.

“Bigger things brewing than you know…so for now, gonna keep my mouth shut and go have fun in the Maldives with my man and kids🥰 people adding snippets together like 1+1 when they are actually a whole calculus problem,” she wrote.

Her post had a series of pictures of herself from the latest episode’s fight night event and she even ended it with a short clip that featured BFFs Annie and Slee.

Annie, on the other hand is very much ready for the reunion where she can get some much needed answers about conversations that have been had about her.

“The Real Housewives of Durban” star Annie Mthembu can’t wait for the season three reunion. Picture: Instagram stories screenshot.

“So these Huns can only say things behind my back, never to my face. I hope at reunion they can repeat to my face what they have said about me chile. They must not stutter,” she wrote.

It’s unclear, who Annie is referring to especially since Nonku had plenty to share about her during her confessional.